Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network: Season 4 Episode 12

Welcome to week tenth of the GenNexxt Season and we are on the Road to the Championship.  Generation Nexxt was out at Milander Park for the Miami Xtreme Super Bowls and also spend both Saturday and Sunday at the Bank United Center on the University of Miami campus for the AYFY and OBYFA Cheer & Dance Championships.  Plus you will not wan to miss our special Beyond the Game.

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SUPERBOWL REMATCH – Mighty Mite Alabama vs. Locust Grove Falcons

By: Jennifer Coe | @GenNexxt_Jenni

(McDonough, GA) The Super Bowl is the most anticipated and sought-after game in all of football. With much discipline, focus, endurance and hard work, two teams fight for a chance to take to the field for a final opportunity to go for it all – not only bragging rights for the next year, but ultimately – the Championship Title. This final face-off between Mighty Mite Alabama and the Locust Grove Falcons would be all but predictable and those within the North Henry County Youth Football League would take front row in this crucial rematch.

Coach Sanders of Alabama and Coach Leddon of the Falcons are head of their respected teams and meet once again in this year’s Superbowl. In last week’s semi-finals, Alabama proved why they deserved their #1 ranking, solidifying a spot in the championship game after a win over the Tar Heels, 27-7. It was the Falcons who pulled out a surprising defeat against Georgia, knocking the #2 seed out of the final spot, 20-19.

The Falcons would be taking on the division’s #1 team with a flawless record. The Mighty Mite Alabama remains undefeated after an impressive 8-0 standing this season; what’s even more remarkable is their ability to win every game they’ve played in the last 3 three years — talk about a winning streak. If the Falcons are to be any match for this extraordinary team, they will need to come with a sharper offense and more solid formations on defense. Ranked third in the Mighty Mite Division, the Falcons loss to Alabama twice in regular season, and once in last year’s SuperBowl. Would this be their day of redemption?

In the same respect, the Locust Grove Falcons are not to be taken likely. Coach Evans of Mighty Mite Alabama did not believe this would be an easy win for his boys. “They are a good team and well coached, so we will have our work cut out for us.” He went on the express how his team has prepared for this game and their plan of action. “Our kids are up for the challenge and they have been practicing hard. The rest of the coaching staff is doing a great job at making sure we have the kids in the best position to succeed. If we execute on offense and stop them on defense, we can get off a big lead. “

Saturday morning was finally here and it was LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION at Avalon Park. Both teams pulled up in front of Field 1 and stepped out of stretch limousines, looking and feeling like superstars. Today was the day these ‘Mighty Mites’ have worked all season for and the next 60 minutes would determine who really wanted to be crowned Henry County’s Next Superbowl Champ.

The Locust Grove Falcons took first possession of the ball but were no match for Alabama defense out the gate. No matter the play, the Falcons struggled to penetrate and break through Alabama’s defense, granting Alabama a 1st down and possession after their 4th attempt.#32 Macklin Sanders scored Alabama’s first touchdown, and the conversion gave them a 7-0 lead, just before the end of the quarter.

Although Alabama’s offense seemed to run like a well-oiled machine, penalties would set-back the team’s ability to execute in the 2nd quarter.#22 Angelo Johnson’s first down would give Alabama a great start, but a mighty tackle by #90 Tyson Todd and an off sides penalty would slow down the momentum of the planned offensive attack. #21 Fenix Felton’s run into the end zone was called back due to a flag for improper blocking on offense. This resulted in a 10-yard penalty, followed by a first down by #22 Johnson, called back for offensive holding.

Alabama recovered quickly after a vast amount of critical and unflattering calls by the officials. #21 Fenix Felton made a major 1st down to get his team back on solid ground, moving the chains down to the 15-yard line. #22 Angelo Johnson was tackled on 3rd down, but the adrenaline pumped strong in Alabama’s veins. #21 Felton broke free of the defensive formation and ran outside for the end zone, and tackled at the 1-yard line only to be called back for an offensive holding penalty. A handoff to #22 Johnson in the next play would secure a second touchdown for Alabama, for a 14-0 lead at halftime.

The 2nd half was all about a clean offensive performance showcased by Alabama. One of the biggest plays of the game included #22 Johnson’s 37-yard run, up, down and around Falcons defense, stopped 1 yard shy of the end zone, after a plethora of tackle attempts by the Falcons. #32 Macklin Sanders’ touchdown in the following play and extra point heightened the lead yet again, 21-0.

In the final play of the game, #22 Davin Miller found a clear path on the right side and ran 45 yards for a touchdown, giving the Falcons some points of their own. Although, the Falcons hustled to adjust and get back in the game, it would not be enough to secure the win.

In the end, Alabama reigns as Mighty Mite Division Champion of the North Henry County Youth Football League.

Final Score: Alabama 21, Falcons 6

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A Hurricane of a Super Bowl Victory!


By Alexis Aarons

Atlanta, GA – Super Bowl Saturday commenced as the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets took on the Miami Hurricanes. Having lost to the Canes in their last meeting in October with a final score of 25 to 13, the Yellow Jackets were ready for revenge.  Both teams arrived at Avalon Park in North Henry County with a 7-1 record and a trophy on their mind!

There is nothing like a kickoff return for a touchdown to get a game going! The Hurricanes were able to score on their first play of the game and #2 Julien Davis successfully executed the extra point conversion.  Yellow Jackets fans were stunned, but continued to support their team reminding players and coaches that there was still a significant amount of time left in the Super Bowl game.  Yellow Jackets star #9 Matthew Faulkner came to play breaking tackles left and right.  Poor ball handling caused a fumble by the Yellow Jackets that was recovered by the Hurricanes.   Miami, running their spread offense, could not break through the Georgia Tech defense.

Georgia Tech responded to Miami’s touchdown in the beginning of the game by having back to back successful runs for a touchdown by #2 Harrison Turman to start the second quarter.  Thanks to the efforts of #33 Michael Robinson the extra point counted and created a tie game.  Fumble number two happened, but this time it was the Hurricanes who allowed the Yellow Jackets to benefit.  It began to rain penalties against both teams.  Yellow flags were thrown out on almost every play.  First it was a facemask, then off sides followed by a false start.  After all of it, the Yellow Jackets #33 Michael Robinson ran it in for another touchdown, but the Hurricane wind started picking up.  On the next series #1 Tyler Bell of the Hurricanes ran 35 yards for a touchdown.  The score was officially tied as neither team scored the extra point on their second touchdowns.

Halftime: Yellow Jackets 13, Hurricanes 13

The third fumble of the game happened in the third quarter.  Hurricanes had gotten the ball back after a Yellow Jacket fumble, but were unable to turn it into points.  Georgia Tech gained possession and fumbled again only this time they were able to recover the ball themselves.

Delay of game penalty, holding penalty and all of a sudden it is 3rd and 35 for the Hurricanes.  To make up for the lost yardage, the Hurricanes QB threw a deep pass intended for #6 Jalen Earvin, but it was incomplete.  Facing a fierce defense that was fully aware that the game was on the line, the Yellow Jackets were unable to get beyond a first set of downs and the ball was back in the hands of the Hurricanes.  Tech’s #9 Matthew Faulkner caused a loss of yards on 4th down, but the Canes only needed two yards for the first down.  They barely got it! Time out Hurricanes with 1:07 left in the final game of the season. Back from the time out, the star of the team, #6 Jalen Earvin ran it in for a touchdown and the extra point was good.  The Miami Hurricanes won the Super Bowl!

Final: Yellow Jackets 13, Hurricanes 20

The underlying story behind these two teams is rather remarkable as they practice together, share a coaching staff and are more or less run by the same people.  Whatever these folks are doing with these young football players should absolutely be commended.  The football talent across both teams is very evenly matched and it is evident that careful attention has been paid to create fundamentally sound athletes.  Truly a great game to end the season with!

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10U Ben Hill Tigers vs. 10U South Cobb Ravens

By: Tiphane Pate | @GenNexxt_Tiph

(Atlanta, GA) Most championship games feature the shoo-ins, the expected contenders, the undefeated “perfect” squads. The Metro Atlanta Youth Football League’s 10U championship this Saturday was a different story. Both teams, the Ben Hill Tigers and the South Cobb Ravens, came to the table with 7-3 records. Both teams fought hard through the playoffs, fending off formidable opponents to get there. In the previous week, the Ravens defeated the Rock Chapel Bulldogs – one of the shoo-ins that everyone thought would be there. Both teams knew what this game was about: Redemption.

It was not an easy road for either side. Teondre Carter, #12 for the Ravens, received the opening kickoff and finished the play down near the Tigers’ endzone. The Ravens offense struggled for a while to find the right door to the goal line: they pushed left twice, then right, and tried to run it down the middle, but the Tigers defense wasn’t having it. Finally, the Ravens quarterback completed a pass to Marshaun West (#11) at the one-yard line, opening the door for #6, Roderick Vaughn, to push into the endzone on a fourth-and-goal play, putting the first points on the board for the Ravens.

Number three for the Tigers, Jackson Sims, received the following kickoff and manages to get the ball down to the Ravens’ 23 against strong defensive pressure. It seemed that they were on their way to a touchdown as well when Micah Weatherly-Williams (#10) pushed through the h*** to the eleven yard line, but a fumble on the next play would cause them to lose twenty-two yards, and make it difficult to convert to another first down on this possession.

The Ravens’ next possession would lead into the second quarter, but not much else, as the Tigers defense held the line right at the endzone to prevent another touchdown. At that point in the game, the energy seemed to equal out between the two opponents, but in a significant shift of momentum, the Tigers turn over the ball less than ten yards away from their own endzone and the Ravens eat up the opportunity. The quarterback got the ball to #11, and Marshaun “March-On” West’s speed gets them into the endzone for another touchdown. The extra point conversion put the Ravens up, 13-0.

The Tigers worked hard for the rest of the first half to put points on the board, leaning on #2, Khalil Anderson, for yardage, but unfortunately Anderson didn’t have the blocking he needed from his offensive line to get as much as he could. With a near interception and a fumble-and-recovery that pushed them back twelve yards, the Tigers seemed to be grasping at straws when the first half ended. When the second half began, however, spectators saw a resurgence of energy as they scored their first touchdown of the game within the first two minutes. Although they failed to get the extra point, the Tigers were on the board, 13-6.

Much of the rest of the third quarter took place near midfield, but in the fourth quarter, the excitement was back. The championship trophies were carried onto the track, reminding each side of impending victory, and the fans on both sides were optimistic that the victory would be theirs. Chants flew back and forth across the field from the bleachers and their support was felt on the field. The Tigers seemed close to tying up the game, but another shift in momentum shakes everything up. The Tigers fumbled the ball right at the feet of Carter (#12) who didn’t immediately realize it was a live ball until the crowd and the Ravens sideline assured him. He took a moment to realize his opportunity, but when he did, he took off. The Ravens remained in control of the ball for the duration of the game, and finish it out, 13-6.

As the emotional Ravens coach, Coach Dallas, reminded everyone during post-game interviews, few expected the 10U South Cobb Ravens to make it this far, and now, they are the MAYFL’s 10U champions and have indeed earned their redemption. After all, isn’t that the stone from which the best champions are carved?

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Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network: Season 4 Episode 11

Welcome to week tenth of the GenNexxt Season and we are on the Road to the Championship.  Generation Nexxt was speed out across South Florida on Saturday and Sunday bringing you coverage and highlights from the Sean Taylor Classic, and the Best League and AYFL Super Bowls.

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 by Artanza McGuire | @GenNexxtArtanza

(Atlanta, GA) It was the first round of the playoffs and the Metro Atlanta Youth Football League’s #1 contender, 6U Welcome All Panthers Blue were going head to head with the #8 team, 6U Old National Knights Purple. It was a riveting first half, the 2nd possession of the 1st quarter resulted in Welcome All’s quarterback #3 McClain scoring a touchdown that set the tone for the rest of the game. Score: 7-0.  The Knights defensively came back strong, but it caused the Panther’s offense to fumble and recover the ball two downs in a row. Despite the Panther’s mistakes, on the 4th down of the same drive, #39 ran the ball into the end zone, only to face a holding penalty and have the touchdown called back.

Called back touchdowns seemed to be the recurring theme of the game. In the 2nd quarter Panther’s #3McClain touchdown was also called back. Although there was a lot of intense and even disruptivespirit coming from the fan sidelines, the Panther’s #3 McClain was still able to blaze with lighting speed to the end zone and score another touchdown. No flags were called, making the score 13-0. After the Panther’s #3McClain impressive 15 yard throw to #5 the Panthers moved the chained down the field and were able to finish the 2nd quarter with #3 McClain scoring another touchdown. Score 19-0.

After both teams returned to the field from halftime, it appeared as if the Knights were defensively stronger than before.  Although there were no points on the board for the Knights, they were able to keep the Panthers from scoring for most of the 3rd quarter. It was until the last 1:30 seconds of the quarter when once again Welcome All’s #3 McClain exploded and scored another touchdown setting the Panther’s lead to 26-0.


The 4th quarter proved to be a predictable as the Panther’s #3 McClain scored a touchdown and receives a penalty, which forced it to get called back. Then within the next possession #3 McClain gets hold of the ball again and claims the end zone as his “own” zone.  The 6U Welcome All Panthers Blue walked away with a 32-0 victory over the 6U Old National Knights maintaining their undefeated season of 9-0, and advancing them to the next round of the playoffs against the 6U Ben Hill Tigers!

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Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network: Season 4 Episode 10

Welcome to week tenth of the GenNexxt Season and we are on the Road to the Championship. Playoff are underway in the Best League, FYFL, SFNYFL, Pop Warner, AYFL and Miami Xtreme, and we are out at all the leagues covering them. Also this week we are out at the FYFL Cheer Competition and we sit down and interview U.S. Senator and Suniland Sundevils coach Marco Rubio for our Beyond the Game segment.

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Vikings Invade the Jungle

12U Atlanta Vikings vs. 12 Shoal Creek Bengals

By: Tiphane Pate | @GenNexxt_Tiph

(Scottdale, GA) The spirit of competition was high and the temperatures low last Saturday night as the 12U Shoal Creek Bengals (7-1) faced off against the undefeated 12U Atlanta Vikings (8-0). The Bengals had home field advantage and no shortage of supporters. Their fans came out en masse along with the loud and proud Bengal cheerleaders, but the Vikings entered the field with the declaration that they were “ready to eat,” and their offensive line backed that up.

The game began with a battle of the defensive lines with back-to-back interceptions. The Vikings’ pick, however, led to their first touchdown at the hands of #4, Craig Philpot, putting the Vikings up 7-0. As the first quarter went on, the Bengals found themselves troubled by turnovers. On their next possession, they fumbled the ball and the Vikings recovered, pushing the chains down the field toward the opposing endzone with the help of a couple of Bengals penalties. Vikings’ number one, Jajuan White, ran it in for their second touchdown, and the first quarter ended with the Vikings over the Bengals, 14-0.

To their credit, the Bengals didn’t lose their spirit in the second quarter, but the focus of the Vikings defense continued to tilt the scales in their favor. Number eight on the Vikings defense, Markavious Sims, intercepted a pass from the Bengals quarterback early in the second quarter and outran everyone on the field for a touchdown, but the points were called back for a penalty. The Vikings refused to take “no” for an answer though, breaking tackles for first downs, and eventually sending a Viking through a pack of Bengals defenders for another touchdown.

As the game edged toward the end of the half, both teams suffered from repeated turnovers: the Vikings intercepted the Bengals, after which the Vikings fumbled and the Bengals recovered the ball. Spectators could feel the Bengals’ defense come alive and the Vikings were unable to score on their last possession of the half, so the field cleared at halftime with the Vikings unanswered, 20-0.

On the first play of the second half, #4 for the Bengals, Stephon Nettles, ran the opening kickoff into the Vikings endzone for an electrifying touchdown, putting the Bengals on the board, 20-6. It seems it may be too little too late though as the Vikings score on their next two possessions, even gaining the two-point conversion on the second play, leading Shoal Creek, 34-6. Vikings defense kept the Bengals out of their endzone for the remainder of the game and the Atlanta Vikings finish the night still undefeated.

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Underdogs No More

By: Alexis Aarons

Atlanta, GA – As the regular season wraps up for the Henry County Youth Football League the competition in the Pony division was just getting ready to begin. As two top teams faced each other for the second time other plans.  Plans in the form of four hard fought quarters between the Oregon Ducks and the Virginia Tech Hokies.  JP Mosley Park was electrified as the two teams met up for the second time in the regular season.

Throughout the penalty plagued first quarter it was clear that the Hokies, who had lost to the Ducks in the first meeting of these teams, came to win.  Virginia Tech QB #1 Clifford White successfully handed the ball off as his teammates chipped away at the yardage.  On a great 8 yard run #36 Joshua Willis ran the ball in for a touchdown, but due to holding it was called back.  It wasn’t long before #36 Joshua Willis ran it in for another touchdown! The extra point by #33 Conner Crisp was good. Hokies defense held on strong to prevent the Ducks from scoring at all in the quarter.
Virginia Tech owned the second quarter, but the Ducks would stop at nothing to get themselves on the board.  With 1:43 left until halftime it was Virginia Tech’s ball again.  After an 18 yard gain for a first down it appeared that the Hokies offense had found the weak side of the Oregon defense. Instead of running up the middle the Hokies continued to cut right and run down the sideline.  The tactic lead to the second touchdown and extra point of the game for Virginia Tech.  On the 30 yard line with 19.5 second left until halftime #72 Coen Carr of the Oregon Ducks ran it in for a touchdown, but as incomplete pass to #49 Terrance Hill prevented the extra point.

Halftime: Virginia Tech 14, Oregon 6

While it looked as if the Oregon Ducks had finally found their rhythm before halftime, the Hokies #36 Joshua Willis were the first to score a touchdown in the third quarter.  The extra point was unsuccessful and the pressure was on the Ducks.  Scoring on the next drive was the only way they could’ve stayed in the game. Oregon’s QB handed the ball off to their tallest player #72 Coen Carr who ran down the field for a 43 yard field goal! The extra point here was critical, but the Ducks weren’t able to.

The last and final quarter proved to be the most exciting by far!  In fourty-five seconds the Hokies #22 Kanai Johnson had scored with an unsuccessful extra point.  Oregon couldn’t get a first down let alone a touchdown on their next possession, but their defense answered causing a serious loss of yards.  It didn’t bother the Hokies.  On the very next drive #36 Joshua Willis scored a touchdown.  No extra point and no other points were scored the remainder of the game.

Final score: Virginia Tech 33, Oregon 12

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by Artanza McGuire | @GenNexxtArtanza

(Atlanta, GA) Welcome All Park was definitely a welcoming environment on Saturday for the last regular game of the season between the 10U Welcome All Panthers Blue vs Ben Hill Tigers White. The Panthers have demonstrated a lot of discipline and skill this season, as they entered into the game undefeated with a record of 7-0. However, the Tigers weren’t concerned at all about the Panthers record, and they were ready to play some strong fundamental football as they’ve  done this season resulting in a 5-2 record.  It was game time and both teams were strapped up and ready.  I spotted the 10U Tiger Cheerleaders and chatted with them on how excited they were, and they gave me a preview of their “T-I-G-E-R-S” spirit!

The first half of the game was a defensive showcase. Both the Panthers’ and the Tigers’ d-lines were determined to not let the other team gain any yards. There were no points on the board, the score was an even 0-0 all thru the 1st quarter and it wasn’t until the last 0:47 seconds of the 2nd quarter when a game changing play happened. Ben Hill’s #3 Jackson ran the ball into the end zone to only be called back. The crowd erupted on both sides, the Panthers in happiness and the Tigers in confusion and disbelief as to why flags were thrown on the touchdown. After much debate between the referees and the coaches the penalty was finally clarified as both a face mask and and holding in the backfield and the rest of the half was played out. Unfortunately, there were still no points on the board.

At halftime I was able to speak with Coach Joe, Defensive Coach and Running Back Specialist for the 10U Welcome All Panthers, he said that his strategy of “execution” remains the same entering this 2ndhalf. Head Coach “G”, Gerald Williams, of the Ben Hill Tigers said that the he was also confused about the last touchdown penalty, and despite the referees calls, there are “NO EXCUSES” and his team is still focused on winning.

In anticipation of what was to come, both teams took the field in the 2nd half. Both team held a defensives clinic and kept each other from letting the other score. In the 4th quarter, Ben Hill steadily moved the chain down the field, gained 1st down after 1st down.

Then Ben Hill attempted another touchdown and yet AGAIN it was called back. End of 2nd Half: 0-0. The game went into OVERTIME, with the first to score winning it all.

After much struggle between the two 10U teams, the Welcome AllPanthers running back #3, Robert Iverson punched thru the defensive wall of the Tigers and scored the game winning touchdown and the team defended their undefeated record, now 8-0.

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