The 19th Annual Wayne Gandy Football & Cheerleading Camp presented by The Mid-Florida Football & Cheerleading Conference and Under Armour took place on April 16, 2011 in Haines City, FL.  The day was filled with fun for boys and girls ages 5-16.

The camp hosted over 500 boys for football and 100 girls for cheerleading.   The camp began with Professional NFL Trainer Tony Villoni and his staff taking the kids through a series of stretches and exercises.  Cheer girl Entertainment, a professional cheer talent company of Tampa, FL shined and dazzled while instructing the girls through their drills.  The girls learned cheer techniques, skills, and drills from 14 of the most experience professional cheerleaders who have cheered for professional football teams.

Wayne Gandy, camp host and free agent NFL player who last played with the Atlanta Falcons along with other professional athletics took the boys through a tough day of training.  Present with Wayne were Tony Richardson of the New York Jets, James Bostic, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles, Takeo Spikes of the San Francisco 49ers and Ahmad Black of the Florida Gators.  The kids were taken through a variety of running, passing and other techniques to improve their performance.  Each age group was given a prep talk from the athletes on education and their need to stay in school and remain focus on community values.

The camp ended with a portrait of the camps’ host Wayne Gandy being unveiled and presented to him by Camp Director Andrew Williams.  In view of this small appreciation  was a gift given  from the MFFCC Board of Directors and the hearts of the community in order to honor a distinguish gentleman not only for bringing his gifts and talents back to his hometown but being a positive role model for the next generation to come. The beautiful portrait depicted a frontal view of Wayne along with two backgrounds of him in uniform from his days with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons.  The players then held an autograph sessions for all the kids and afterwards served a free lunch to each of them.  For more information go towww.midfloridafootball.org or call Andrew Williams (863) 221-9190.


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