Football purest have always wanted to see the best potential match ups regardless of youth leagues or high school classifications. Well, football purest got what they were wanted this past Saturday, June 18th at the Miami Dolphins High School & Youth 7 on 7 tournament.

The Miami Dolphins would play host to youth football teams from as far north as Orlando, to as far south Florida City. These youth teams understood no matter which league they participate in during the regular season, it was now game time.

What made so many of these youth football match ups so intriguing is that during the regular season, a lot of these teams joust back in forth on the Generation Nexxt pound for pound power rankings. Since several of these teams belong to various youth leagues, they do not get the opportunity to play one another. Even though 7 on 7 isn’t tackle football, it is still talent vs. talent, and coaches vs. coaches.

The 8-10 year old division would be dominated by an all-star team that was head coached by former Miami Dolphin wide receiver, Oronde Gadson. This 8-10 year old team was made up from a strong core of kids from Plantation, Davie, & Pembroke Pines named the Razorbacks. Coach Oronde said, “This team truly utilized their speed to capture a championship today.”


Plantation Razzorbacks 8-10 year Miami Dolphins 7 on 7 Champions

The 11-12 year division was full of tough competition as well. But it came down to four teams that challenged each other to the end. The Dania Bears, Coconut Creek, Palmetto Bay Boys, and the Davie Broncos, all brought their “A”game. It would come down to Coconut Creek and the Dania Bears who would tie in the championship game, 31-31. Coconut Creek would win in a thrilling overtime win to become the 11-12 year old champs with an interception to end the game, winning 34-31.


Coconut Creek 11-12 years old Miami Dolphins 7 on 7 Champions.

Now of course the 13-14 year old division would bring some of the most intense competition we would see all day. Teams such as, the Doral Broncos 145’s, PPO Bengals Unlimiteds, Orlando Rattlers Unlimiteds, Miami Gardens Vikings 135’s, Bell Glades 145’s, Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes, and the Florida City Razorbacks 160’s just to name a few.


Florida City Razorbacks 13-14 year old Miami Dolphins 7 on 7 Champion

After watching all of these 13-14 year old teams compete, you can expect each and every one of them to be the team to beat in their own respective leagues. But one team would definitely separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The Florida City Razorbacks, lead by Dionte Mullins would have their way with just about any defense that lined up in front of them all day. Joining Dionte on an undefeated journey for the Miami Dolphins 7 on 7 championship was, Antonio Calloway, Maurice Alexander, Javis Johnson, Cedric Wright, Ariel Jimenez, Detrious Almon, Rashad Smith, Devin Mays, Gregg Franklin, and Robert Burns.

Florida City’s head coach, Curtis Dewberry said, “This team has been together for awhile, and it doesn’t matter if it is 7 on 7, or tackle football, this group wants to win, and expects to win every time they take the field.” With this mind set you can see why this team continuously competes for a National title, and is currently the 2010 Jr. Midget Pop Warner National Champion!

Generation Nexxt would like to congratulate the 2011 Miami Dolphins 7 on 7 Champions:

8-10 Division: Plantation Razzorbacks

11-12 Division: Coconut Creek

13-14 Division: Florida City Razorbacks

High School Champs: Miami Jackson Generals


Miami Jackson Generals Miami Dolphins 7 on 7 High School Champs


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