With the sfyfl practice starting just within weeks I wanted to give everybody some extra football to get ready for the season.In this blog I’ll give you my opinions on who are the top teams to look for in lbs (70 thru 165) to look for in the 2011 sfyfl season.I am doing these prediction based upon previous record,coaching,and word of mouth.

TOP 5 PreSeason Rankings

  1. MG Cowboys 85lbs
  2. MG Vikings 135lbs
  3. Lauderhill Lions 100lbs
  4. FTL Hurricanes 95lbs
  5. Deerfield packer rattlers 120lbs

75lbs: Iook forward to seeing Lauderdale Lakes,Lauderhill Lions and NW Broward competing for the north division with all teams having 7 year olds to be contributors and returning some good 8 year olds.In the south I look forward to seeing the Miami Gardens duos of vikings and ravens having excellent seasons and competing for the throne in the south.

85lbs: When you talk about this division this year you have to start of with coach Chavis Wright and the MG Cowboys this team of individuals has to be favored in this division after winning back2back super bowls at the previous 2 weight division.But the MG Vikings is right in there tail ready for redemption this year with the addition of Miramar stud running back on already a great team I look forward to these two teams running the south.In the north which was a big dissapointment on the 75lbs last year with almost all the teams going out in the 1st round of the playoffs.You have to take a look at Deerfield Packer Rattlers who return a pretty good team from their 75lb and you also have to take a look pompano cowboys who is know for having a decent 85 year in and year out except for last season.Also don’t forget the defending champs at this lb ftl hurricanes who should also contend in the north!

95lbs:This divsion starts with the ft.lauderdale hurricanes who combined on the 85s and 95s last year of 26-0 winning the superbowl I don’t expect much of a difference with that 85lb team moving up to the 95s.But don’t forget about the team that snip at the heel of the canes in the 3rd round of the playoffs Lauderhill Lions which is a team of speed and power with Derohn King and Rooster carrying the load with a few additions from other surrounding parks. These should be the top 2 teams in the north coming into the season.In the south MG Ravens is the team to look forward to be on top of the division with the coaching staff and players from the 85s moving up and are hungry for the title.Also MG Vikings who also had a nice 85 team and looking to make some noise.

105lbs:Out of respect for great coaching and back to back championships jeff fye and his lauderhill lions are the front runners in this division with a decent 95lb team moving up and some good additions this off season to the squad they should be in the thick for the 3 peat.But don’t forget about the ft.lauderdale hurricanes that won the championship on the 95s they are going to be coached by mutiple superbowl winning sfyfl most respected Brandon Bevins who is always known for some great additions to his teams throughout the years.Also look for lauderdale lakes vikings to bounce back this season and contend.In the south the team im looking forward to seeing the most is northside coach sean rumored to be dropping to the 105s after winning the superbowl on the 120s maybe he could come up with the winning formula to get this panthers team over the hump after the same kids have lost 2 years in the 3rd round in devasting fashion.MG Ravens and Vikings also are looking to get into the action again on the super bowl hunt with strong teams moving up
115lbs: this division is a toss up this year which should make it exciting. You have the usuals in the north Coach Twan and Ftl.hurricanes,Coach Bubba and NWB Raiders and most recently defending champ Coach Mike’s Deerfield Packer Rattlers all those teams are looking strong once again this season.In the south I see one dominating team again with that being MG Ravens coached by rod mack will this be the year that he and his team have enough to take the title from the north time will tell.

125lb:One division that has been swept by the south the last couple seasons.With that being said I look for MG Vikings to be the top contender in the division they seem to have a good formula for getting victories on this division.In the north rumors are going around that this player is here and that player is there but when its all done it seems like its out of lauderhill lions and deerfield packer rattlers to fight for the division in the north.

135lb:This is the cream of the crop always when the big crowd comes out in south florida football!This year should be NO different with the powers to be in the south reloaded. Starting with Coach Buddy Bailey and his MG Vikings who is a guru on the 135’s in sfyfl but had a dissapointing season last year as he was not allowed to coach the full season but now he is back and reloaded with the 120’s who came up short in the superbowl last season in historic fashion and from what everybody is hearing Northside’s top players like Mark Walton is moving on over to join the Vikings this season and form one of the strongest teams on th 135s.But the champs of the division say they are still here which is MG Ravens whose coaching staff is returning for another run at the bowl and from what im hearing they have reloaded with some talent from a couple other leagues down here in south florida…which sets up a super match up game 1 of the season with the Vikings against the Ravens.Now for the North you have the NW Broward Raiders who lost a dissapointing superbowl game to the Ravens now that coaching staff is back and wants another shot at the superbowl with a lot of talent coming over from other parks to hopefully return to the super bowl like they did on the 110’s level a couple seasons ago look for them to contend.Don’t count out Coach Mal and the Ft.lauderdale hurricanes who have been contending for bowls for the last couple years and return there best player if not there best overall player at there park Rod Allen who has been one of the best players in sfyfl for a while now.

165lbs: Look for the usuals to be back contending for the title again in this division with in the north Pompano Cowboys,Lauderhill Lions and as always Lauderdale Lakes but another team to look for who is not known for the 165s is NWB Raiders who returns the whole 135s team from last years superbowl lost led by QB and safety Lawerance “LJ”Jackson and  RB Jamacus aka J.Crack.In the north usuals MG Cowboys and Vikings look to continue there dominace in the division but another team to look for is MG Ravens who have basically did nothing on this division since moving over to sfyfl but now with a few players who have decided to not play high school this year and a new head coach coming over im looking forward to seeing ravens have a good 165s this season.So the 165s this year maybe interesting never know maybe another Dalvin Cook will come to light!

Teams that may surprise:

NWB Raiders 95’s:A team that is out for respect after going 6-3 on the 85’s last season and being stripped of a couple of those wins because of a book technicality therefore not being able to play in the playoffs a group of hungry kids and offensively coached by myself look forward to see a team on a mission

Lauderdale Lakes 135’s:had very good 120’s team last season with some key additions to there team and  coach moe is used to winning on this division year in and out

North Miami Seminoles 165’s:From what i’ve heard has a new coach in MG Cowboys old coach chinn who always throughout the years had a good 165s and with a few bright spots moving up from the 135’s I like them to contend

Lauderhill Lions 125’s:rumored to be reuniting the 100’s team from a couple years ago who went over to play ball at the hurricanes last season with that team together they will be in the thick for the bowl

East Boynton Wildcats 115’s:You might not have heard of the name but some former bulldogs who left there park because they didnt have 100’s last season have moved to another park in the area and have put back together that 95’s team that some thought would have been in the superbowl if it wasnt for an ineligable player 2 season ago


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