(August 21, 2011)-In the city of Coopercity there is an elite group of Cowboys which are the 2010 Super Bowl Champs. The Cowboys won the 90 pound division in last year’s championship game against the PPO Bengals. This year the entire Coopercity championship team and coaching staff return to challenge all comers in the American Youth Football League for another championship. The Cowboys kick off the season defending their winning streak which has been intact since game two of last year. Ever since the Coopercity’s only loss last year, the Cowboys have been hogtying victories as if they were at the local rodeo.

Cooper City’s head coach Rocky Morgan understands this year’s victories will not be so easy to come by since the Cowboys now have a huge bull’s eye on their back. Coach Rocky said, “We know we will get everyone’s best game. We understand it is a long season, and it’s our coaching staff’s goal to get these kids better each and every week.”

The Cowboys started the 2011 season against the Plantation Wildcats who offense seemed unstoppable against Coopercity’s defense for the first three possessions. The Plantation Wildcats scored three consecutive touchdowns on the very first play of each possession. Even though the Cowboys drove the length of the field each time to respond of the Wildcats’ scores, it wasn’t what the Cowboys expected coming off a championship year.

The Cowboys and Wildcats would go into the half all tied up at 19-19, leaving both coaching staffs wanting someone to play any type of defense. But if you know anything about Coach Rocky and this group of Cowboys, they know how to play a second half of football. After a great halftime speech and breaking down the offensive formations on the chalkboard, the Cowboys would finish this game, 48-19 over the Plantation Wildcats, not yielding a first down the entire second half.

The Cowboys would only have a short window of opportunity to celebrate and enjoy their great win over the Plantation Wildcats, because their very next match up would be a rematch of last year’s 90LB AYFL Super Bowl, The Cowboys vs. The Bengals. Coming into the game the Cowboys would play host to a very talented and well coached Pembroke Pines Bengals 100 LB team. One thing you could depend on, that the Pembroke Pines Bengals 100’s Head Coach, Chuck Bender would have his Bengals geared up and ready play football.

The Bengals would come out and set the tone early playing stout defense, penetrating the Cowboys line of scrimmage with intense blitz packages which consistently sent Bengals’ linebackers #55 Rahji Hepburn, #42 Ree’al Dixon, and #21 Darius Conley throughout the entire game. The Bengals offense seemed equally as intense on what it seemed to be a quick strike to Bengal’s wide receiver #5 Marc “Poo Man” Britt for a 37 yard touchdown pass. But the play was nullified as the referees called it back on a holding penalty. PPO’s head coach, Chuck Bender would not be denied as he dialed up another play that would count as Bengals’ tailback, #3 Willie Davis streaked down the sidelines for a 47 yard touchdown run. The Bengals kicked the P.A.T., taking lead at the half with the score, Bengals 8 and the Cowboys 0.

The second half would continue the display of two stingy defenses which held each others’ offense to just a couple of first downs, and nothing more. The Cowboys buckled down on the PPO Bengals quick strike offense with immense pressure being applied by Cowboy’s defensive end, #3 Zackary Maldonado, nose guard #15 Cyrus Turnquest; and locking down receivers, cornerback #88 Dominic Bruzzi.

And just when some of the Cowboy fans had consented to a possible loss on this Saturday with only 4:03 seconds left in the fourth quarter, down to the Bengals 8-0, the unimaginable happened. The Cowboys ran a simple off tackle play which Coopercity’s running back, #25 Myles Wilson, turned into a huge play by breaking three tackles to hit the open field and take it to the house on a 51 yard touchdown run. The Cowboys would convert the point after attempt, tying up the score, 8-8.

The touchdown run by Coopercity’s offense seem to charge the entire Coopercity home field. The Cowboy’s parents stood on their feet screaming, ringing cow bells as the Cowboys lined up to kick an onside kick. The Bengals would recover the Cowboys onside kick attempt and start an offense drive of their own as the fourth quarter clock continued to wind down. The crowd noise would seem to be a factor as the Bengals would attempt a simple hand off for a lead play but fumbled the ball on the handoff exchange. The Coopercity Cowboys would recover the ball in PPO’s territory, with just over two minutes left in the game, setting up the Coopercity’s offense for a final assault.

The Cowboys’ offensive coordinator would call the number of running back #25 Myles Wilson yet again in crunch time. # 25 Myles would respond in outstanding fashion, delivering the Cowboys back to back touchdowns within a two minute span, giving the Cowboys a 14-8 lead over the Bengals with just under two minutes left to play in the game. On the Bengals next possession, PPO would come out firing hitting Bengals’ wide receiver # 8 Taylor Banks on a deep post for a gain 28 yards. Bengals desperately needing to score, drop back to pass again, completing the pass; but to a Cowboy instead of a Bengal. Coopercity’s #5 Caleb Allen’s interception would seal the Cowboys’ victory over the PPO Bengals 14-8, allowing the Cowboy’s winning streak to live another day!


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  1. My son Crash Hamilton Middle Linebacker Doral Broncos looks forward to Coach Rocky Morgan coaching him in the Football University All-star game 2012

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