(September 3, 2011)-In the South Florida Youth Football League, there are several weight classes that will showcase showdowns that will feature some of youth football’s top teams. Today would be no exception. The 100 LB. Lauderhill Lions vs. the 100 LB. Northside Panthers is what youth football is all about.


The Lauderhill Lions led by head coach Jeff Fye, are the defending 2010 SFYFL 100 LB. Super Bowl Champs. Coach Jeff’s squad never lost a game “on the field” last year, capping off a great season by defeating a talented Miami Gardens Ravens team to capture the 2010 championship.


The Northside Panthers are the new kids on theblock when it comes to 100 pound contention. Fortunately for the Panthers, these new kids are led by a Super Bowl savvy head coach,Sean Horne. In last year’s 2010 Super Bowl, coach Sean’s 120 LB. team was losing 26-6 at the half and came back to win the Championship in a game that youth football fans will remember as one of the greatest comebacks ever.


Now that both teams have been properly introduced, it was time for the Hundred Pound Showdown to take place at high noon on North Dade’s field. Both coaching staffs are notoriously known for implementing stellar defenses and it would be no different today. Both the Lions’ and Panthers’ defenses would stand up and defend their goals as if every inch counted. In the entire first half both teams’ defenses imposed their will on their opponents’ offenses, yielding the score, zero to zero in the first half of regulation.


The Lauderhill Lions’ offense featured a three back formation – composed of #4 Jordan Battle, #0Demarquez Thomas, #3 Jayden Hicks and QBDarion Harris who all ran hard all day, averaging just over 3 yards per carry. Despite the three yard average, the Lions would continuously come up just a little short on fourth down situations. The Northside defense would seem to anticipate the Lions’ every move making it hard for the Lions to put a long drive together to put them in any type striking distance.


The Northside Panthers’ offense featured a double tide end, double wing runningattack led by QB Jawan Cry, #5 Rayquan Berry, #6Samuel Brooks and  #7 Aaron Gainer, which showed flashes of success but the Lions’ linebackers would keep the Panthers’ running backs in check for most of the game.


As the third quarter came to a close Lauderhill Lions felt they could take advantage of the Panthers defense by going to the air. On third and long the Lions would attempt a pass down the field which was intercepted by the Panthers’ #5 Rayquan Berry who returned it 55 yards for a pick-6, scoring the game’s first points. Panthers take the lead, 6-0.


The Panthers’ interception would seem to inspire their offense as well.  On the Panthers’ issuing possession, with less than two minutes the 4th quarter, the Panthers’ running back #6, Samuel Brooks, broke through the middle of Lions’ defense for a 40 yard touchdown, sealing the game, Northside Panthers 13, Lauderhill Lions, 0.


These two teams are expected to be serious Super Bowl contenders and Saturday’s game may have just been an early preview. But for now it has gone in the books as, round 1 of the 100 pound show down.


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