(September 18, 2011) – When we think of the game of football, we usually think of the huge football figures that dominate the grid iron. Today will be just a little different. This sunny Saturday, the  American Youth Football league would feature an exciting match up where the average football player is just a little over three feet tall.

The (4-1) Cooper City Cowboys Pee Wees would play host the (5-0) undefeated Coconut Creek Eagles Pee Wees in a game where the winner would truly take control of the AYFL Pee Wee standings. The Cooper City Cowboys led by head coach Luis Garcia, entered this game focused on the task at hand. Prior to the kick off, Coach Luis told his team, “Let’s play as a team, and let’s do it one play at a time.”

Coconut Creek, led by head coach Shawn Halas, gathered his Pee Wee Eagles in a huddle moments before lining up for the opening kickoff and told them, “Gentlemen, this is why we play the game. It’s moments like this where you can prove just how good you are. Take advantage of this moment and play the best football you’ve ever played.”

Both teams would respond to their coaches’ words of advice and execute a near perfect defensive game plan, not allowing either offense to gain a first down for majority of the first quarter. The Cooper City’s defensive serge would be led by Cowboys’ defensive tackle #52 Austin Malavasio, linebacker #37 Jatawan Phillips, and hard hitting #21 Steven Kaye. Coconut Creek would match Coopercity’s defensive intensity led by Eagles’ top linebacker, #5 Aidan Flynn, defensive end #59 Connor Smith, and #10 Travon Octelus.

In the Pee Wee division, coaches understand it may take a quarter or two for these young football players to find their groove, but when they do, it’s fun to watch. The Eagles would be the first team to find their groove as Coconut Creek’s offensive coordinator, Tom Flynn would call a sweep play for Eagles’ quarterback #21 Jordan Halas, who would then sprint down the sidelines for a 46 yard run, inside the Cowboys’ 20 yard line. On the ensuing play, Eagles’ running back, #22 David “Double D” Daniel, would cap off the drive with an 18 yard touchdown, Eagles lead 6-0.

Going into the second half, the Eagles’ defense would raise their level of play, holding Coopercity’s offense to negative 19 yards for the entire game. The Eagles’ offense would follow the same blueprint and play extremely aggressive on the offensive line, led by Eagles’ center #50 Daniel Feliciano, right guard #59 Connor Smith, left guard #55 Aiden Baldwin, right tackle #70 Paxton Kafka, and left tackle #66 Nathaniel Osorio. Coconut Creek offensive line would assist Eagles’ running back #22 David Daniel to flight for another touchdown in the third quarter, sealing an Eagles’ victory over the Cowboys with a final score of 12-0.

The Eagles take pride in their run blocking which allowed Eagles’ running backs, # 5 Aidan Flynn  to rush for 58 yards, #21 Jordan Halas 47 yards, and # 22 David Daniel 118 yards against the Cowboys.

Eagles head coach, Shawn Halas said, “We are happy with this win, and even more excited that we are 6-0. But that’s not our ultimate goal. As a coaching staff, were focused on having these young players to continue to play as one team, one heartbeat, with one goal and the rest will take care of itself by the end of the year.”


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