By David Arroyo

In American Youth Football league there were two winning streaks on the line in the 90 pound division. Just this past weekend, the undefeated Pembroke Pines Bengals would go head to head against the undefeated Plantation Wildcats for first place in their division.

Bengals’ head coach, Mike Malson would lead his team into Wildcat territory, looking to stay undefeated another week. The Pembroke Pines offense would take the field first and quickly send a message to the Wildcats by scoring the games’ first touchdown in just four plays. Pembroke Pines offensive coordinator Roly Reyes would call on the number of Bengals’ running back, #1, Jaden McBurrows. Jaden exploded through the line of scrimmage for a six yard touchdown, putting the PPO Bengals on the board first, Bengals lead, 6 – 0.

The Plantation Head Coach, Ray Palhegvi would have his team ready to play as the Wildcats’ offense would take the field to respond to the Bengals’ score. The Wildcats would soon find out that the Pembroke Pines’ defense was also ready to play, going four and out on their opening drive. Bengals’ defensive coordinator, Jermaine Smith, implemented a game plan that would allow Bengals’ defensive linemen, #54 James Pierre, #2 Sam Griffin, and #62 Jaylen Reeves to control the line scrimmage majority of the game. Bengals’ outside linebacker #1 Jayden McBurrows would have a nose for the ball all game, as he seemed unblockable at times, finishing the day with 12 solo tackles.

The Pembroke Pines offense would stay on course and add to their score by going on a 14 play drive scoring the Bengals’ second touchdown of the day. Bengals’ running back, #3, Mar’Cellus Culbreath, would cap off the Bengals’ drive with a strong run across the goal line, increasing Pembroke Pines lead over the Wildcats at the half, 12 – 0.

After a motivating speech during half time by Plantation’s Head Coach Ray Palhegyi, the Wildcats would come out in the second half re-energized. The Wildcats would put a drive of their own together which consisted of five well executed plays that was rewarded by Plantation’s running back on 38 yard touchdown run by #1 Jacari Ponder. The Plantation score seemed to get the home crowd into the game, stomping and cheering in the stands, helping the Wildcats as the 12th man, forcing a fumble on the Bengals’ ensuing possession. But that excitement was short lived as the PPO Bengals’ defense stiffens up and forced another turn over on downs.

On Pembroke Pines’ very next possession the Bengals would go on a ten play drive that would stall deep inside the Wildcats on 10 yard line. The Wildcats would take over on downs with their backs against their own end zone. The Bengals’ defense would rise to the occasion and not allow a gain of one yard, and would set the Bengals’ offense up with first and ten on the Wildcats’ 5 yard line.

Pembroke Pines would take advantage of the great field position and score another touchdown on second and goal. Pembroke Pines running back, #6 Vamir Cadet, would power his way for a three yard touchdown, sealing the victory for Pembroke Pines Bengals 90 LB team who remains undefeated in AYFL 90 LB competition.

Final score Pembroke Pines 18 – Plantation 7.


  • Pembroke Pines: 37 offensive plays for a total of 160 yards.
  •                               MVP of the game: #54 – James Pierre
  •                               Leading rusher, #6 Vamir Cadet rushing 86 yards;
  •                               14 carries, averaging 6.5 yards per carry – 1 TD
  • Plantation:        27 offensive plays, for a total of 80 yards.
  •                                 Leading rusher: Dakarai Cabell; ran 37 yards;
  •                                 8 carries, averaging 4.5 yards per carry

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  1. edgar irving says:

    Nice. but PPO is tied for 1st place with North East Rebels the super bowl champs

  2. keyon martin says:

    rebels are not no super bowl champs it is the ft. lauderdale hurricanes

    • kingcoolc says:

      WE gonna show yall why we champs DIS SAT
      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEGO REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIS IZ MR.NORTHEAST REBELS KING COOL-C & I APPROVE DIS MESS*

  3. troy says:

    Rebels didn’t allow PPO to move the ball and gave them a goose egg on they record lastnite.

  4. shaun belk says:

    i dont like this teaam i go wit the northeast rebbles you already kno

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