By David Arroyo

The match up between Gwen Cherry Bulls and The Liberty City Warriors 120’s was to be the Clash of the Inner City Titans. What was made up to be two great offenses and two good defenses, turned out to be a throw back of yesteryear with both defenses dominating the field.

Liberty City’s Head Coach Rob Jones hits the field with his highly ranked Warriors, while Corey Smith, Gwen Cherry Bull’s Head Coach, was out to show us his team deserved to be ranked high as well. The rumble is felt in Liberty City.

Gwen Cherry Bulls begin the game, and on fourth down are forced to punt the ball. A high snap from the center gives Liberty City Warrior’s # 99, Walter Fowles, Jr., the opportunity to pick up the ball and run for 20 yards, scoring the first touch down of the game. Warriors’ spirits fly high at the beginning of the game. On the next possession, the Bulls show that they are not rattled and go on an 11 play drive, but fall short on scoring.

Both teams go back and forth as heavy weight fighters through the half. At half time it was apparent to all we were watching a highly defensive battle between two great teams. The score was Liberty City 6 – Gwen Cherry 0.

During the half time, both coaches mentioned that adjustments would be made for the second half, to get their offense going. More of the same great defense continues during the second half; both coaches went with unbalanced offences; motion wing offense. Both teams tried reverse plays, pitches but through it all, both teams remained disciplined in their defensive schemes. Both the Bulls’ and Warriors’ defensive ends and line backers stayed in their lanes and in their gaps, with eleven men flying to the football.

Throughout majority of the game, both offenses couldn’t seem to figure out these top notch defenses. Late in the game as the Bulls’ defense forced another three and out, the Bulls have a chance to strike. The Warriors punt to the Bulls’ multi-purpose all-star, #5 Arthur Mann Jr, who cut through the middle of the field and down the sidelines, running for a 58 yard touch down. Bulls go into the end zone to celebrate but are flagged for excessive celebration. The penalty proved costly as it set the Bulls back 18 yards, which contributed to the Bulls not converting the extra point, making the score, Liberty City 6-Gwen Cherry 6.

Both teams have multiple possessions between the third and fourth periods, with both defenses continuously rising to the challenge. The Warriors have possession of the ball for the last minute and a half of the game. The Warriors come out throwing the ball on first and second down with no success. On third down, Warriors call the perfect play: a bubble screen to the left. Jordan James, #2 rumbles for 22 yards but gets tackled short of a touch down. Warriors get 1st and goal to go with seconds left on the clock. Warriors throw two passes the next two plays, with no completion and time runs out.

Final score Warriors 6 – Bulls 6. There was no celebration on either side. Both teams walked off the field bruise and battered, like two heavy weight fighters after a 23 round fight that ends in a draw.

Gwen Cherry Bulls 44 offensive plays for a total of 104 yards, averaging 4.1 yards per play
Leading rusher: #5, Arthur Mann Jr.,
9 carries, rushing 96 yards, 10 yards per carry, 1 touch down.

Liberty City Warriors 34 offensive plays, for a total of 98 yards, averaging 3 yards per play.
Leading receiver, # 2 Terrell Perriman; two passes caught for a total of 42 yards
# 99 Walter Fowles, Jr., 20 yard touch down.


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