The Tamiami Colts Ride Through the Storm

By David Arroyo

Friday night’s game was a much anticipated 105 LB. matchup between two great teams, in the Miami Xtreme Youth Football League. The South Miami Grey Ghosts at 6 and 1, head coached by Johnnie Zeigler, versus The Tamiami Colts 6 and 0, head coached by Jason Hill.  As both teams weighed in the stands filled in with spectators anticipating this 105 pound showdown.

Both teams waited for over an hour for the rain delay to be lifted. The Colts and Grey Ghosts were focused, neither lighting nor thunder damper their spirits or desire to play the game.  Both teams hit a very soggy and wet field as the die heart fans stayed in the stands to cheer them on.

Miami Grey Ghosts receive the ball on their two yard line on the kick off.  With their backs against the wall, the Grey Ghost showed the crowd how great their offense can be.   Grey Ghost’s #2, Frank Ladson, carried the ball for the first two plays as his style of slashing and cutting against the grain proved to be effective against the Colts.

On third down, Grey Ghosts running back #2 Frankslashed his way through Colt’s defense to score the first touchdown of the night.

As the Grey Ghost celebrate on the side lines the three play, 98 yard, touchdown, the Colt’s fans quiet down in disbelief. Now is the Colt’s turn to respond back, as they receive the ball deep in their territory.  Colt’s go to their own #2,Andre Stringfield, who is not only a slasher but a power runner as well. On third down, #2 Stringfield powers his way through the Grey Ghost’s defensive line for a touchdown. Colts miss the extra point, making the score 6-6.

Both teams hold the opposing offense in check at the beginning of the secondquarter.  Right before half time Colt’s #2, Andre Stringfield, rips for another 80 yard touchdown.  Colts score the extra points, finishing the half Colts 14, Grey Ghost 6.

During the third quarter, Grey Ghost’s #4, Ahmad Harrell scored a 30 yard touchdown but was called back on an offensive holding penalty.  By the end of the third quarter both teams fought back and forth in the muddy, wet field as the rain never stopped falling.  During the 4th quarter, as the Colts are driving, Grey Ghost’s #2 Frank Ladson goes for a pick six, 40 yard touch down.  Grey Ghost miss the extra point, bringing the score Colts 14, Grey Ghost, 12.

With seven minutes and 25 seconds left, the Colts go on a 6 possession play, but are forced to punt the ball to the Grey Ghost.  It is up to the Colts’ defense to hold the Grey Ghost, if they are to win, and that’s exactly what Colt’s defense did, On first down, Colt’s swarming defense tackle Grey Ghost’s # 2, Frank Ladson, for a 4 yard loss.  On second down, Colts force a Grey Ghost to fumble the ball, but Grey Ghost recover.  After two incomplete passes, the Grey Ghost are forced to punt.  Colts run out the time by taking a knee.

Final score, Colts 14-Grey Ghost 12. The Tamiami Colts 105’s are undefeated on the season thus far.


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