Bunche Park located in the heart of Miami Gardens, 155th street and 22nd Avenue, has produced top notch athletes for decades. This year is no exception to the rule; the Bunche Park Cowboys 120 LB. squad has taken their play on the field to another level.

The Cowboys, also known as the Miami Gardens Cowboys since the restructure of all of the Miami Gardens youth sports teams, has taken the league by storm this year; outscoring their opponents 225-25. The Cowboys are currently the only undefeated 120 LB. team in the entire South Florida Youth League, and sit comfortably as the number one seed in the south division standings.

Cowboys’ Head Coach Enos Lewis told Generation Nexxt, “Our team has speed at every position. A lot of teams have speed only at their skill positions, but our defensive ends, linebackers, and linemen can all fly. We feel our overall speed enables us to overwhelm our opponents.”

The Cowboys’ big plays have come compliments of the Cowboys’ speed advantage. But even with that advantage the Cowboys’ motto is, “Stay humble, or get humbled.” The Cowboys adopted this motto after going undefeated  all the way up until the 2010 Super Bowl last year, only to lose the biggest game of the year.

Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Ted Dinson said, “We learned a lot from that loss last year, this year we are bigger, faster, smarter and stronger and we take that into every game with us this year.” Defensively the Cowboys are lead by middle linebacker, #7 Val Maze, nose tackle #54 Roderick Aguilera, defensive end #3 Joshua Dinson, and cornerback #6 Shammond Williams who happens to be one of the fastest 13 year olds in the nation.

Coach Lamb
, the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator said, “We are taking it one game and one play at a time. Before we even talk about championships, were focused on whose next.” With that philosophy, the Cowboys have scored 225 points and amassed over 2400 yards of offense in just eight games into the season. The Cowboys’ offense is led by running back #2 Cameron Lamb, running back #8 Antwan Webster, and quarterback #1 DeAndre Myles.

The Bunche Park Cowboys 120’s have taken the art of implementing track & field into majority of their athletes off season training regiment, and in that process they have broken multiple national track records. Now that the Cowboys have hung up their track shoes and laced up their football cleats, they look to take their grid iron game to another level as well…


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  1. phedeline says:

    How to be a bunche park cheerleader?????

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