The match up of the two undefeated 90 pound teams in the South Division, the Bulldogs and the Ravens was one of the most highly anticipated games knowing the winner of this match up would be in 1ST place in the South Division standings. The Miami Gardens Ravens team which is known throughout the SFYFL has somewhat of an expectation to make it to the playoffs every season. The Bulldogs even though undefeated has been flying under the radar, winning every week and slowly climbing up the standings.

The Miami Gardens Ravens would bring their undefeated record
into North Dade’s home field, wanting to continue their dominance throughout
the league at the 90 pound level. The Bulldogs ready to defend their home field
and prove to all the onlookers that this 90 pound Bulldogs team was for real!

The game started with the Ravens receiving the opening kickoff and the Bulldogs defense would get the opportunity to flex their muscle on the first series, forcing the Ravens to go four and out, which truly set thetone for the entire game! The Ravens’ defense was just as equally as impressive, forcing the Bulldogs into a punting situation on their opening drive. The first quarter was totally dominated by both defenses, the defensive players seem to feed off the fans that was cheering at the top of their lungs for both teams, the only question was; which defense would hold up the longest?

The second quarter began and the Bulldogs seemed to get their offense going first. With hard pounding tough runs led by Bulldogs’ running back #4 Jacari Peak who
averaged just less than four yards per carry and a few first downs, the
Bulldogs offense was now starting to click. But as the Bulldogs offense found
its grove, the Ravens made the necessary defensive adjustments and forced yet
another Bulldogs’ punt.

In a defensive battle such as this one, it would come down to what team would make the first mistake. The Ravens’ offense, trying battle its way from inside their own 20 yard line would make the game’s first mistake. The Bulldogs defense would apply the pressure by Bulldogs’ defensive tackle #55 Justin King, and middle linebacker
#50 Maurice Barry sacking the Ravens’ quarterback and forcing a punt.  The winds
were swirling on the field as the Ravens attempted a punt into 30 mph winds.
The winds would be too much as the Ravens’ punt netted only one yard.

Coming out into the second half was a repeat of the first half, both defenses hitting hard and giving up minimum yards. At this level of youth football it was great to see how advance the defensive schemes were.Yards were hard to come by against the steel curtain Ravens’ defense, but Bulldogs running back #4 Jacari Peak,
nicknamed “grasshopper” and #7 Marcel Willam would run hard all day for the Bulldogs.

As the game clock started to wind down, the Ravens needed a score to get back in the game, the Ravens would go to the air for a quick strike. The Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator, Head Coach Johnny Dukes cautioned his defense to look out for the deep pass. The Bulldogs’ defense rises to the challenge as the Bulldogs’ safety #2 Jason Soroh comes up with the interception on the Bulldogs 18 yard line.

Now the Bulldogs attempt to run out the clock and end the game and choose to run out the back of the end zone for a safety electing to play the field position game and once again rely on their defense. The defense would make the Bulldogs’ faithful proud as they shut out one of the league’s top offenses, winning with a score of, Bulldogs 6-Ravens 2. With an undefeated season thus far, and huge win over their neighborhood rivals, The Miami Gardens Bulldogs 90’s are on the map!


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