In the city of Kendall there are group warriors that are truly the pride of the Hammocks. The Kendall Hammocks Warriors 135 LB. squad head coached by Jose Cisneros are the three time defending Miami Dade Xtreme Youth football champions, and an overall impressive record of 53-2. The Warriors, winning consecutive super bowls in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and currently undefeated this year can take claim as one of the best teams to ever play in the Miami Dade Xtreme Youth Football League.

The Warriors are currently 9-0 in 2011, outscoring their opponents 148-26, compliments of the methodical play calling by the Warriors’ offensive coordinator, Eddie Crespo. The Warriors’ offense is led by quarterback #4 Alejando Ros, all around great running back #5 Harvey Clayton, slashing wide receiver #1 Mehki Ervan and an extremely talented running back, #21 Christopher McWilliams.
The Warriors’ skilled positions find their success running behind the block of some of the fundamentally sound offensive linemen in the game, starting with #55 Javier Diaz De Arce, #51 Xzayvious Neal, #67 Steven Rivero, and #66 Kristopher Trapp.
The Warriors’ defense coordinator, Bobby Vega believes in dictating the game by executing aggressive run blitzes, disguising the coverages and complex pre-snap reads. But what really makes this defense work are the talented players such as; defensive end #2 Luis Bello, defensive tackle #56 Randy Shannon Jr. and outside linebacker #7 Corey Pastor just to name a few.
Warriors Head Coach, Jose Cisneros told Generation Nexxt, “I believe we’ve been successful over the years because we believe in the team. There is no one player, or one coach that makes the Warriors go. Our strength is in our team and everyone, giving everything, on every play. Our special teams, which is coached by Charles Little, is just as important as our offense or our defense. So when you play the Warriors you can’t just focus on one player, or one phase of the game, everyone is accountable for playing and coaching like a champion every week.”


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