By David Arroyo

PPO Bengals go to the Weston Warriors home field for the top match up in the AYFL Pee Wee division. This game had implications for the playoffs, and both teams have chances for 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. Generation Nexxt spoke to the head coaches prior to the game and both mentioned the importance of this game, and what an impact it would have to go into the playoffs with a win against such an opponent.

Weston Warrior’s Head Coach Quincy Faison stated, ‘That at this point in the season it really is a 4 team race.” Saturday’s game was important in the overall standings, and feels his team will end in the top four of this division. PPO Bengals’ Head Coach, Chris McGognial stated,”My team is prepared to face any of the top four teams, and I truly feel our kids will be playing in the super bowl this year.”

The Warriors run out of their inflatable helmet tunnel pumped up to receive the ball. This game had all the feel of a Florida State game with an Indian themed mascot, horse and all, leading them on; along with fans hollering and cow bells ringing.

It is apparent at the beginning of the game that the players are feeling the pressure, as the Warriors fumble on first down. Warriors recover the ball and go four and out. Warriors punt the ball to the Bengals and on fourth and long, Bengals’ # 1, Julian Rodriguez, goes right down the middle of Warriors defense, running for a 55 yard touch down. Warriors receive the ball for the second possession of the game, and fumble on first down, but recover. Once again they go four and out.

Bengals try to close the door early on the Warriors and come out passing; but on third down Warrior’s # 51, Jared Courson, sacks the quarter back for a big loss. The Bengals are forced to punt the ball. Warriors go on a seven possession play, but fall short on scoring. The Bengals take over on downs and receive the ball deep in their own territory. After driving for a first down and still deep in their own territory; on fourth and ten, Bengals’ #1, Julian Rodriguez, tears off a 65 yard run for a touch down. The extra point is good, making the score at the end of the first quarter: Bengals 14 – Warriors 0. The Warriors continue to struggle on offense through the first half.

The second half starts with the Bengals receiving the ball. On the fifth play, Bengals’ #7, D’Mari Williams, goes for a 42 yard touch down run, making the score Bengals 20 – Warriors 0. Warrior’s keep fighting and show they don’t give up easily. Warriors start moving the ball, but after a 6 possession play, give it back to the Bengals. Warriors’ defense tightens up on the defensive line, holding the Bengals to a six possession play. Warriors receive the ball with a sense of urgency, and with the first four plays ending in big yardage; Warrior’s # 20, Jared Chenoy, breaks through with an 8 yard touch down run. Score is Bengals 20 – Warriors 6.

With time being a factor, Warriors set up for an onside kick, kicking off to the Bengals. The ball bounces hard on the ground and the Warriors recover it; but after a four possession play, the Bengals defense forces the Warriors to turn over the ball on downs. Warriors’ defense were not done flexing their muscles and hold the Bengals to a four possession play. Bengals punt, and Warrior’s #10, Colby Geddis, scoops up the ball after one bounce and runs 58 yards for a touch down.

The final score, Bengals 20 – Warriors 14.

For PPO fans, this was an exciting game to witness, as the team had three exciting plays that ended in touch downs. For the Warriors fans a great sense of pride that their team never gave up fighting to the end, making it a very close and exciting game to watch.


PPO Bengals: MVP of the game: #1 – Julian Rodriguez:  running a total of 145 yards, 8 carries averaging 18.1 yards per carry – 2 touch downs.

2nd runner for PPO: #7, D’Mari Williams, running a total of 52 yards, nine carries, averaging 5.78 yards per carry – 1 touch down

Leading Tacklers: #1, Julian Rodriguez, with 5 tackles

#15, Fahrim Meran, with 3 tackles

Bengals ran 21 plays for a total of 205 yards, averaging 9.76 yards per carry.

Turnovers: 1

Weston Warriors: Leading runner: #10, Colby Geddis: running 82 yards; 7 carries averaging 12.4 yards per carry, 1 Touch down.

2nd runner for Warriors: #28, Boogsie Silvera, running a total of 49 yards, 6 carries, averaging 8.1 yards per carry.

3rd runner for Warriors: # 20, Jared Chenoy, running a total of 31 yards, 10 carries, averaging 3.1 yards per carry, 1 touch down.

Leading Tacklers: #51, Jared Courson, with 8 tackles
#10, Colby Geddis, with 4 tackles

Turnovers: 3


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