By Julia Chongarlides

The 100lb PPO Bengals and the Coral Spring Chargers battled it out on the field Saturday afternoon for the right to advance to the second round of the AYFL playoffs. The rain bobbled and weaved through the clouds just like the Bengals’ offense weaved through Charger’s defense. The Bengals, 3rd seed, came into this game being 9-2 and the Chargers, 6th seed, were 7-4.

Coach Chuck Bender of the Bengals and Coach Steve Fair of the Chargers hyped their teams up before kick off with inspirational pep talks and the fear of being eliminated from the play offs. This game marked the beginning road to the Super Bowl.

PPO started the first quarter off with a TD by #5, Marc Britt, but the extra point was blocked by the Chargers to make the score 6-0.  A couple minutes later the Bengals forced a turn over by the Chargers. Bengals QB, Daniel Richardson, gave the ball to #3, Wille Davis, for a 25 yard carry into the end zone to put the Bengals up by 14.

The Chargers had possession of the ball to start the second quarter. QB D’Sanei Moore passed off  the ball to #2, Clarence Burley, for a couple yard gain, but #56, Tatum Bethune, of PPO came up with the big tackle for the Charger’s fourth down. PPO’s QB Daniel Richardson threw 10 yards to hit #4, Anthony Frederic, wide open in the middle of the field. Then #3, Wille Davis, ran the ball out of bounds at the 5 yard line for the Bengal’s 1st and goal. Next play, Marc Britt ran the ball up the middle for his second TD of the game, but #5 wasn’t done. Seconds before the end of the second quarter, Marc Britt added a 50 yard reception into the end zone to put PPO up by 26 at the half.

In the third quarter, #8, Taylor Banks of the Bengals ran 68 yards for his first TD of the game. The extra point was good by #61, Xavier Clarke. Even though the score was 34-0, the Charger’s didn’t give up. RB Clarence Burley had some consistent runs down the middle of field for the Chargers.

But like I said earlier, bobbing and weaving through the Charger’s defense was how Marc Britt scored his fourth and final TD of the game. PPO dominated the Chargers in this contest, winning in convincing style, 42-0. Bengal’s Coach Chuck Bender told Generation Nexxt his view on Marc Britt, “He is an exceptional player, and he caught a couple and ran a couple. He is an all around player; I can put him anywhere on the field and if he touches the ball, he will score.”

The PPO Bengals advanced to the second round of the play offs against Plantation. Bengals’ QB Daniel Richardson explained his thoughts about the play offs, “I trained all season and worked hard, I feel great, just keep on going through, and probably make it to the Super Bowl.”

Another win for the Bengals isn’t guaranteed, but this win was special for PPO because it was Head Coach Chuck’s birthday.


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