By David Arroyo

This past Saturday morning, the Miami Garden’s cowboys step onto Northside Panthers’ field, looking to maintain their perfect winning streak.  Cowboys’ head coach, Chavis Wright, spoke to Generation Next before the game, expressing that this was just another game and that as a team they have not reach their final goal, the Super Bowl.  He continued by saying, “The coaching staff is very confident that the team will continue to win.”  He also mentioned this will be another learning experience for the kids on this team.

On the Panthers’ side, head coach, Willie Franklin, mentioned to Generation Nexxt that although they were shorthanded due to suspensions and injuries, he felt his team would win this game.  He continued saying that with this win, the team will send a message to the other the teams in the South Florida Youth Football League, that they are a serious contender.

The game starts with the Northside Panthers receiving the ball first.  It is apparent at the beginning of the game that the Panthers are nervous.  They start off with three penalties, and on fourth and long, are forced to punt the ball.  It’s the Cowboys turn to show the Panthers’ why they are still undefeated.  On their first possession, they Cowboys score.  Cowboys’ #5, Chavon Wright, carries most of the load as he runs 5 consecutive plays, averaging 8 yards per carry, while Panther’s defense #11, Elijah Vaughn, Jr., is busy in the first six tackles.  On first down, two to go on the two yard line, Cowboy’s quarter back, #1, Cedquan Smith, finishes the drive with a quarterback sneak scoring a touch down.  Cowboys do not make the extra point, score is: Cowboys 6, Panthers 0.

With dark clouds rolling in, the Panthers receive the ball on the second period, they go on a nine possession drive, but time runs out while they are on the 2 yard line.

The first half ends Cowboys 6 – Panthers 0.

Cowboys start the second half throwing, but are unsuccessful and  punt the ball on fourth down.  Clouds open up and thunderstorms roll in.  With heavy rains coming down, the Panthers try their own passing game with no luck and have to punt on fourth down.  Cowboys start controlling the game, by going on several runs; Cowboys’ #2, Willie Floyd, goes for a 14 yard run and a 32 yard pass play; #5 Chavon Wright, finished up the drive with a 2 yard touchdown.  The extra point is good, making the score Cowboys 14 – Panthers 0.

On ensuing kick-off, the Cowboys bury the Panthers deep in their territory.  Cowboy’s defense sensing a victory, stiffen up and only allow the Panthers a 5 yard gain and force them to punt again.  It only takes the Cowboys three long plays before #7, Marcelli Jean Charles, goes for a 12 yard run ending in a touch down.  Extra point is good; the game ends with Cowboys 21 – Panthers 0.

When Generation Nexxt asked the Cowboys’ head coach who was the MVP for the game, he stated that the entire team was MVP of the game.



Miami Gardens Cowboys:

  • 18 plays for 120 yards, averaging 6.6 yards per play.
  •   Total of 6 first downs
  •  3 out of 5 in passing plays
  •  Leading tackler #11, Antwan Massie
  • Leading rusher # 5, Chavon Wright with 7 carries, total of 37 yards, averaging 5.2 yards per carry.


Northside Panthers:

  •  22 plays, 49 yards averaging 2.2 yards per play.
  • 5 first downs
  • 3 out of 5 in passing plays
  • Leading tackler #11, Elijah Vaugh, Jr
  • Leading runner #2, Chad Jackson with 7 carries, with a total of 21 yards, averaging 3 yards per carry.



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