Walking into Moore Park, better known as the new Orange Bowl on Saturday afternoon, you can just feel the energy. It felt like a playoff atmosphere there but it was just a regular season game. It wasn’t just any regular season game because Moore Park’s undefeated record was on the line, along with the momentum of starting their championship run. The Moore Park Generals 90lb team coming into Saturday’s game with a sparkling 8-0 record. Standing in their way were the Opa Locka Panthers who were looking to pull off the upset.

Generals’ Head Coach, David Wright told Generation Nexxt, “Our boys are taking the pressure of being undefeated like men; it’s not phasing them at all. We look forward to the competition every week.”  This 90lb General team is the same 75lb team that went undefeated last year and won their the Super Bowl and Orange Bowl Championship. Week in and week out the boys are going in as the underdogs because 30 out of the 35 boys on the team are only 8 years old going up against 10 year olds. Head Coach, David said, “Because we don’t treat our players like little boys, we treat them like men, that has helped them compete on an older level and that is truly the key to our success.” That success is obviously showing up on the playing field.

The Generals offense is led by one of the most physical running backs in the National Youth Football League, #3 Kris Nealy as well as one of the electric running backs, #2 Wilquan Hicks. The Generals are primarily a running team and with this tandem in the backfield it is no wonder the Generals are running over the competition.

The Generals’ powerhouse defense is lead by safety #20 Robert McMahon and one of the leagues’ top linebackers, #35 Xavier Johnson. With this combination, the Generals can easily bring 8 or 9 people in the box, either to stop the run or execute exotic pass rush blitzes that give opposing offensive coordinators nightmares to try to block it.

Before Moore Park Generals can even think about championships they had to move the Panthers out the way. The Generals received the ball first to start the game and right away they went to their work horse, running back, #3 Kris Nealy. Kris ran the ball six consecutive times on the first drive; covering over 40 yards and capping off powerful run style with a strong 3 yard run to give the Generals a 6-0 lead.

Later in the game, the Generals defense would dial up one of those blitzes which put immense pressure on the Opa Locka’s quarterback, forcing an interception. This would set the tone for the rest of the game, as the Generals would not give up a score, adding another win to the undefeated record, winning 6-0. The Generals are ready for the NYFL playoffs, and are aiming for another undefeated season. With an intense coaching staff, and a group of young , but focused players, can the Moore Park Generals 90’s be stopped?


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  1. klownboy says:

    Nice article!

    I have a feeling that my wife will not allow our son to do the Pee-Wee thing…

  2. Meki says:

    Who will stop the Moore park 90 lb team liberty square colts got lucky because the came in undisaplined but Moore park generals 120lb are one of the most disaplined team in the south Florida youth football leauge and was In the pop warner league went undefeted in 2008 and made it to Tampa and Orlando national championship

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