By David Arroyo

This week’s match up for the AYFL 100 lbs., were Cooper City Cowboys (12-0) vs. West Pembroke Pines Wildcats (10-2), a rematch from their game early on during the season, when the Cowboys defeated the Wildcats 36 – 6.  The Wildcats were looking forward to this game to redeem themselves.

Prior to the game, Generation Nexxt spoke to Kevan Burns, Wildcats’ Head Coach. Coach Kevan said, “The week they lost to the Cowboys at the beginning of the season, the team had only practiced two days prior to the game due to weather conditions.”  This time the team practiced the whole week, and he felt the team was prepared to face the Cowboys.  He also acknowledged that the Cowboys would be a hard team to beat.

Generation Nexxt had a chance to speak to Cowboys’ head coach, Rocky­­­ Morgan.  Coach Rocky has won Super Bowls in three different weight classes during his coaching career:  The pee wee division, 90 lbs. and the 135 lbs. division. When asked how he would approach this year’s Super Bowl game if he won against the Wildcats; he replied, “I go in to the game expecting the same things from this team: hard work, discipline and perfection in the execution of defensive and offensive plays.”

The game begins with both teams feeling each other out; Cowboys go four in and four out; the Wildcats go four in four out. Cooper City starts playing their style of football with their second possession.  They go on an eight play drive that culminates with Cowboys’ running back, # 25, Myles Wilson, going on the right side with two lead blockers in front of him, rumbling down the field with a 10 yard touch down.  At the time, there was no way to know what a dominating factor, Myles Wilson, would be during this game.

It is the Wildcats’ turn to respond, and they go on a seven possession play, but fall short, turning over on downs.  Cowboys go back on the attack and on their fifth play Cowboys’ #25, Myles Wilson, breaks trough Wildcats’ line and goes for a 38 yard touch down.  Extra point is good and the score is Cowboys 14, Wildcats 0.

On the following possession, on second down, Wildcats fumble the ball and Cowboys recover.  On their seventh play of another long drive, Cowboys’ #25, Myles Wilson, finishes up with an 8 yard run, scoring his 3rd touchdown of the game.  Extra point is good, Cowboys 22 – Wildcats 0.

The Wildcats come out passing, but Cowboys’ #25, Myles Wilson, shines once again intercepting the pass.  That concludes the first half of the game.

The second half starts with Wildcat’s #9, Tyler Jones, running back the kick off for a 55 yard touch down.  Extra point is no good; score Cowboys, 22 – Wildcats 6.

Cowboys respond by going on a ten possession play, but come up empty.  Wildcats go on a small run but, on the fifth play Cowboys’ # 12, Jessie Rivera, picks off the Wildcats’ pass and runs for a touch down.  The extra point is no good; the score Cowboys 28 – Wildcats 6.

Wildcats refuse to lay down and #9, Tyler Jones, finishing up with an 18 yard touch down. Extra point is good; score is Cowboys 28 – Wildcats 14.

Cowboys go on an eight possession play to grind down the clock but do not score. The score at the end of the game is Cowboys 28 – Wildcats 14.


Cooper City Cowboys:     36 plays for 285 yards, averaging 7.9 yards per play.

Total of 12 first downs

Leading tackler #47, John Omally – 4 tackles

Leading rusher # 25, Myles Wilson with 16 carries, total of 178 yards, averaging 11.1 yards per carry – 3 touch downs and one interception.

#12, Jessie Rivera – pick for a touch down.

WPPO Wildcats              21 plays, 171 yards averaging 8.1 yards per play.

5 first downs

Leading tackler #7, Derel Burns – 7 tackles

Leading runner #9, Tyler Jones with 14 carries, with a total of 102 yards, averaging 7.8 yards per carry – 2 touch downs

The undefeated Cowboys will face the Pembroke Pines Bengals in the 2011 AYFL Championship game.


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