(November 6, 2011) – The undefeated, top ranked Florida City Razorbacks walk into Sunday’s super bowl matchup, highly favored to easily defeat the (5-4) Palmetto Raiders, who the Razorbacks defeated in the regular season. But, that’s why you play the game!

In a pregame interview, Head Coach of the Palmetto Raiders, Coach Knight told Generation Nexxt, “We are prepared, we wanted this moment and we are going to take full advantage of it. This season we had to really learn a lot about our kids and what best fits their talents. But I can tell you, we’re a much better team than the last time we faced Florida City.”

We also caught up with Florida City’s Head Coach, Curtis Dewberry and he said, “Our kids are focused on this game, this goal. I have a lot of kids on this team that are used to playing on a big stage. Our experience usually helps us through these types of games.”

The Sean Taylor Classic 160’s (midget division) game lived up to be one of youth football’s all time great games. The Palmetto Raiders would have the honor of jump starting the action by handing off the ball to Palmetto’s running back, #4 Emmanuel Watson, who carried defenders on his back down to Florida City’s 2 yard line. Palmetto punched it in for the score has the Raiders quarterback #7 Tobias Moss plowed his way behind his offensive line on a quarterback sneak, Raiders take the lead 8-0.

The Razorbacks, being the experienced seasoned team that they are did not panic. Florida City realized Palmetto were blitzing their linebackers and made the perfect call by having Florida City’s quarterback, #3 Maurice Alexander dump a pass to the flats where running back #8 Jarvis Johnson, would do the rest. Jarvis blasted down the sidelines for 40 yard gain, putting the Razorbacks at the one yard line. The Razorbacks called on Jarvis once again and he responded by rumbling in for a score, Razorbacks tie it up, 8-8.

Coach Knight of the Palmetto Raiders knew he would have to stay on the attack to keep the Razorbacks off balance. This attack would include calling on one of the fastest 14 year olds in the country, Raiders’ running back #23, Amir Rasul. Palmetto ran a well designed misdirection play, which had Florida City’s defense flowing to the ball in one direction then countered  back with a handoff to #23 Amir Rasul in the opposite direction, which spelled trouble for the Razorback defense. The design of the play sprung Amir in to the open field where his speed was dominate, sprinting in for a 32 yard touchdown, Raiders take the lead 16-8.

Now the Razorbacks noticing the time on the clock, which was under five minutes in the fourth quarter went to their potent passing attack. Florida City quarterback, #3 Maurice Alexander, delivered a strike to #11 Ocie Rose on a seam route for a 50 yard touchdown pass, tying the score yet again, 16-16.  This tie would last up to the end of regulation, and the 160 lb. Greater Miami Pop Warner championships would come down overtime.

The Florida City Razorbacks won the toss and wasted no time with the opportunity. Florida City’s quarterback, #3 Maurice Alexander threw a perfectly timed fade route to Razorback wide receiver #4 Dionte Mullins who out jumped the defender for an amazing circus catch. The Razorbacks take the lead 24-16. The Raiders, still have some plays off their own, called a cleaver offensive tackle eligible play to Palmetto’s offensive tackle, #44 Kris Moreira at the back of the end zone for a 20 yard touchdown pass and Raiders tie it up, 24-24.

Palmetto would have the first opportunity to score in the second overtime, but this is when Razorback linebackers, #2 Patrick Smith, #9 Cedric Wright and #10 Roshard Smith denied Palmetto any type of score. Then Florida City came right back with an offensive play of their own as Florida City’s running back #8 Jarvis Johnson, explodes through the Palmetto defense for a 10 yard touchdown, to win this epic battle, final score 30-24 in double overtime.

The Florida City Razorbacks 160’s (Midgets) are the 2011 Greater Miami Pop Warner Champions and now move on to Pop Warner regional playoffs, in the hunt for another National Championship.


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  1. Coach Amir says:

    Amir is 13years old and is the fastest 13 year old in the country. He broke the AAU 100m and 200m records in New Orleans over the summer to solidify his title. He was also the middle school state champion in the 100m and 200m meters. All his times are posted on AAU.org, National Elite Youth Ranking, and Florida Runners. Amir will turn 14 on June 10, 2012.

    • Hunter moreno says:

      You see it’s nice how you don’t recognize the Palmetto Raiders offensive line.. I am the starting Center # 32. We wouldn’t have scored the 1st touchdown if it wasent for me, blocking for Tobias.

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