Kendall Kolts Shut ‘Em Down

By Julia Chongarlides

The 150lb Kendall Boys & Girls Club Kolts and the Kendall Hammocks Warriors played in the first round of the play offs Saturday afternoon. The 9-1 Kolts came into this game very confident because they had beaten the Warriors during the regular season by 48 points. Clearly, the Warriors were the underdogs coming into this game. The Warriors’ offensive coordinator, Mike Jenner explained, “We have nothing to lose, and every body thinks we are going to lose so we are just prepared, we have a few new schemes we put in place so we are going to play the best of our ability. Try to play mistake free football.”

The Kolts wasted no time on clock before scoring their first TD by RB Darren Jones. Kicker, #10 Beymar Piraquive, added two extra points to make the score 8-0. Before the end of the first quarter, Darren Jones added another TD and Beymar Piraquive’s FG was good.

The Kolts were up 16-0 to start the second quarter. Kolts RB, Darren Jones ran hard all day for the Kolts, often attacking the interior of the Warriors’ defense. Kolts’ wide receiver Michael Robinson caught a 10-yard pass from Kolts QB Khevani Francois #7 that led to Kolts touchdown. The Kolts attempted the two-point conversion but the pass was incomplete, 22-0 Kolts lead.

Minutes before the half, Kolts’ #58 Dylan Burgos dropped what could have been his second interception of the season. “I read it, ran over to that side if the field, saw it in the last moment and was thinking where I was going to go before I caught it,” explained Burgos.

In the middle of the third quarter the Warriors looked like they had a chance at 1st and goal, but the Kolts #6 Michael Robinson picked off a pass from the Warriors QB Jeremaih Stringer. That interception led to a 50 yard TD run by #3 Daniel Courtney. The two point conversion kick was made by Kolts’ kicker, Beymar Piraquive which pushed the Kolts lead to 30.

The Kolts’ Head Coach Julio Moreno said, “Our philosophy is to have fun; everybody comes to practice everyday and works hard, so whenever possible we will give them as much opportunity to play and I’m happy we were able to do that today.”  The Kolts shut down the Warriors 30-0 to advance to the Atlantic Conference Division Championship next weekend against the West Kendall Dolphins. “We need to stay focused and continue to work on the technical things, instead of running a lot of plays I think we need to take a step back and focus on blocking and tackling; those are the big things we emphasize on our football team because that’s what wins championships,” said Coach Moreno.


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