BY Oliverus D. Jackson Jr.


It’s the last game of the season and both of these teams are excited about the post season, but first they have to get passed each other. The 70 pound Miami Gardens Ravens and the Miramar Wolverines face off in an early Saturday morning showdown, which had the feeling of a primetime game. The Ravens led by head coach Danny Hunte came into the game as the number one seed with a flawless 10-0 record. The Wolverines, led by head coach Kenny Wiggins, earned an impressive 9-1 record. The interesting thing about both of the teams is that they both have the stingy defenses. The Ravens come into the game allowing only 5 points per game and the Wolverines only allow 5.3 points per game. Both teams have 3 shutouts under their belts which sets the table for a mini Alabama and LSU preview.


The Ravens are not only a team of defense but they are also a team of speed. Many of the players on offense and defense are not only football stars but are also track stars and that showed on the field today. Before the game, Generation Nexxt caught up with both coaches and when Ravens’ Head Coach Hunte was asked what makes this defense so stout, Coach Hunte said “That’s what we pride ourselves on and that’s what we expect, great defense.” Coach Hunte also added that the only reason opposing teams get most of their points is when the 2nd team ,who are only 7 year olds, get in the game, but the first team which consist of 8 year olds hold it down. On the other side, the Wolverines coach Wiggins was short on words but made a bold statement, “We are going to shock the world today.”


This Wolverine team comes in with a balanced attack on the offensive side of the ball, led by WR #1 Miacha Rolle who’s a deep threat that can score from any where on the field in the blink of an eye. Miramar is also led by #2 QB Kahleeb Williams who also stars at middle linebacker, and versatile tight end # 22 Ricardo Hollman who also stars at defensive back. This Wolverines tenacious defense is led by defensive end #7 Caleb McKenzie who looks like Dwight Freeney coming off the edge. Also on the defensive line #30 John James anchors this front line where no one has been able to run up the middle against Miramar.  Wolverines’ #6 Jordan Lynch completes the fearful front of this stout defense. The Ravens on the other end,  Coach Hunte says “We don’t have just a few standouts, the whole team on both sides of the ball are the leaders.”

On the first play from scrimmage the Ravens prove why they are averaging 21.3 yards per play by busting a run right up the gut on the Wolverines defense and taking off 45 yards for a touch down by #0 Jamaal Ford but, it was called back by a holding penalty. That didn’t stop the Ravens, on the very next play the Ravens’ speedster #1 Katravis Geter ran 55yds to grab a 6-0 lead on the Wolverines.

On the Wolverines first possession they also showed that defense will not be a part of this game as they were driving; capping the drive off by a 28 yard td run by star WR #1 Miacha Rolle. He put the Ravens in a position they hadn’t faced all year and that was playing from behind. On the very next play after kickoff it seemed like the Wolverines were going to grab complete control after recovering a fumble at their own 46 yard line, but the drive stalled and the Wolverines were forced to punt.

The game started unfolding out to be the defensive game it was thought to be, that’s until #0 Jamaal Ford said what defense by running 45yds to take the lead for the Ravens in the 2nd quarter.  The Ravens never looked back. They poured in by getting another td covering 31 yards by #2 Kem Williams to take the Ravens into halftime with a 20-7 lead.

Coming out of halftime the Ravens put the game away with touchdowns by #4 Torrae Norris and a seal the deal showcase of speed run by #2 Kem Williams who went 76 yards for a touchdown after a goal line interception by #7 Malcolm Davis. That score put the Ravens up 33-7 insuring the 11th victory of the Ravens undefeated season.

The Wolverines added another touchdown towards the end of the game by #22 Ricardo Hollman, but it was too little too late as the Ravens showed Miramar why Miami Gardens are truly the #1 seed in the South.


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