By Julia Chongarlides

The North Point Mustangs made the road trip down to South Florida to Hallandale High School to face off with the Liberty City Warriors 120’s for the Pop Warner first round Regional play offs in the Pee Wee division (120 lb.). When these teams met last year it was a blow out, 26-0 Liberty City Warriors. The Mustangs’ Defensive Coordinator Erik Heitter explained, “I started preparing last year after we played them, so we have some unfinished business we need to take care of. My kids are ready for it.” There was unseen tension on the field coming from the Mustangs bench on Saturday afternoon.

First quarter was scoreless, but the Warriors’ QB #5 Chatarius Atwell threw a pretty pass to WR #3 Eugene Witherspoon. Although he committed to catching the pass, it led him out of bounds for the Warriors 4th down. The Warriors would punt, and Mustangs’ RB Jacob White recovered the kick and ran down the middle for a short gain. Next play, Mustangs’ running back, would test the strength of the Warriors’ defense. Mustangs’ #25 Davon Keyes would receive the hand off but quickly found out the Warriors’ front seven was not allowing anything to develop up the middle.

Warriors’ running back, #4 Corey Hammett plowed through several Mustangs all afternoon, piling up yards and first downs. Mustangs’ defensive players, #25 Davon Keyes and #67 Trevir Keller would have their hands full trying to contain the Warriors well balanced offense.

The Warriors’ started the second quarter with a bang, QB #5 Chatarius Atwell threw a 10 yard strike to WR #3 Eugene Witherspoon in the right side corner of the end zone, 6-0 Warriors. With :30 seconds left in the second quarter QB Chatarius Atwell was just warming up as he found another wide open Warriors’ receiver #12 Victor Tucker for another Warriors’ TD, Warriors led, 12-0.

In the third quarter, the Warriors would continue to add to their score by handing of the ball to Warriors’ running back, #2 Terrell Perriman for a powerful 10 yard touchdown. QB Chatarius Atwell ran 3 yards for a 1-point conversion, Warriors 19-0. But the very next play #25 Davon Keyes of the Mustangs ran 60 yards for the Mustangs first TD of the game, Warriors 19- Mustangs 6.

The best catch of the game came from the Warriors QB #5 Chatarius Atwell threw a bullet to WR #12 Victor Tucker, who reached up over a Mustang defender and brought the ball into his arms for the Warriors 1st and 10. That play led to a TD run by Warriors’ running back #6 Ralph Inman, Warriors now led 25-6.

The Warriors implemented their four minute offense in the fourth quarter to eat the game clock up in the fourth quarter. But with the Warriors’ offense really gelling at the right time, the Warriors punched it in again,  RB #6 Ralph Inman scored his second TD of the game on a 1 yard run and #3 Eugene Witherspoon added a 1-point conversion, Warriors led 32-6.

The Mustangs loss the ball quickly and #4 Cory Hammett ran 50 yards for a TD and #1 Jamal Pieze looked as if he walked right into the end zone for a 1-point conversion to put the Warriors up by 33 points. The Mustangs’ star player #25 Davon Keyes ran 60 yards but was tackeled by #3 Eugene Witherspoon at the Mustangs 1st and goal. Mustangs’ RB #15 Clifford Atherley scored the final TD of the game.

The Liberty City Warriors closed out the North Point Mustangs 39-12 for the second year in a row.  The Liberty City Warriors head to Tampa to play in the second round of the Regional play offs. “We feeling really good, we played good game, a couple mistakes we gotta fix but that’s alright. Our experience is kicking in, we’re alright,” said the Warriors Head Coach Rob Jones.


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