The Conference championship is on the line and these two teams battle it out for the 2nd time this year. The Miami Lakes Jaguars and the West Park Hurricanes battle it out to see who the best of the conference is. Some may call this a revenge game for the Hurricanes who lost a heart breaker last month to the Jaguars 6-0, but the coaches are just looking for a championship and a spot in the super bowl.  This a big game for both teams its either you win or you go home. You can feel the intensity in the stadium early Saturday morning as the fans started to pile in. Based on the performance and efforts you already knew that this game was going to be a good one.


As the players and coaches came on to the field to warm up Generation Nexxt was
able to catch up with both coaches before the game. We caught up first with Head Coach Jack Sawyer for the Miami Lakes Jaguars before the game to see what he was going to do to duplicate his team’s performance from the last game and come out on top once again. “We just have to come out and do what we do best and that’s play football, we either win or go home” said Coach Sawyer. On the otherside of the field Head Coach Theo Freeman told Generation Nexxt “In order to win today we have to have better blocking and better tackling, if we can do that, the championships ours.”

Both teams are incredible on defense and both coming in with just one lost on their records. There is not just one player to look out for, it’s the whole team that is the leaders on the field.  Both coaches are confident they can score on the opposing teams’ defense, but judging from the score of the last game this looks to be another defensive game.  As both teams hit the field we are ready to kick off the Miami Xtreme Youth Football league 90 pound conference championship.

The Jaguars elected to receive the ball first and the game is underway. The Hurricanes attempt onside kick to start the game but Jaguars recover and they start on the Hurricanes side of the field. The Jaguars drive all the way into the Hurricanes red zone but the drive stalls as the Jaguars cannot convert and capitalize on the great field position.

As expected the game was a defensive game. Neither team could crack the other team’s defense, so it looks like the first team to score will win the game. Both teams go back and forth with penalties and fumbles, but with 7mins left in the 2nd quarter the Hurricanes punch it in on the ground by #3 Jarvis Brown Lee to give the Hurricanes a 6-0 lead.

Each team threatened throughout the entire game and went back and forth getting into the red zone of the opposing team, but no one could capitalize as the defense was to tough. With a 6-0 lead coach Theo Freeman just decided to play keep away as he ran the football on every possession. The game was not over and the Jaguars had one more shot to get in the end zone and get a possible touchdown and extra point to win the game, but they had to drive the length of the field to do so. With 1:30 left in the ball game and going against the wind it seemed like getting down the field was impossible and the Hurricanes proved just that. After a few running plays the Jaguars decided to pass the ball and the game was sealed by an interception by #58 Tieu Bell.

By the same exact score the West Park Hurricanes defeated the Miami Lakes Jaguars 6-0 and Coach Theo Freeman received a Gatorade shower. The West Park Hurricanes are conference champions and they’re going to the super bowl, congratulations!!


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