Victory Vikings the 80 LB. Machine

By Julia Chongarlides

The 80 LB. Miami Garden Vikings and the Miami Garden Rams lined it up on the grid iron in the second round of the SFYFL play offs this past Saturday.  The last time these two teams faced each other, the Vikings shut out the Rams 24-0. The Rams Head Coach Fernando Jones explained, “The first game we had some kids that didn’t make weight and they lacked confidence. Now, we are on a three game winning streak our kids are full of confidence. Most importantly they know it’s the play offs and everybody’s record is 0-0. We’re all even now.”

Although the Rams had high hopes coming into this game, it didn’t pan out the way they imagined. The Rams’ defense couldn’t stop Vikings fullback, #1 Meltonique Bowen, the Football Princess as she opened up holes for the tailbacks with lead blocks. The Vikings were able to score five offensive touch downs and field goal. When Generation Nexxt asked Meltonique if it was hard being the only girl on the team? She responded by saying, “NO! My brothers help me.” Four quarters of football were played and the only girl on the field played the whole game non-stop. Vikings’ Head Coach Kevin Wright said, “Meltonique demonstrated that she can hang with my guys out on the field and as you can see she proved that she can go toe-for-toe with any guy in this league.”

Meltonique Bowen wasn’t the only Viking making a big rumble. In the first quarter, Ronald Delancy, #4, ran to the right weaving through the Rams’ defense for a 40-yard TD run, 6-0 Vikings. Then Vikings’ electrifying RB, Brian Brewton #2, exploded for a blazing 54-yard TD run down the left side of the field putting the Vikings up by 12. With 49 seconds left in the second quarter, Vikings’ elusive RB Knaje’ Kevin Guthrie #9, bobbed and weaved his way through a heard of Rams an exciting 53-yard touchdown run. The point after attempt was barely good hitting the top of the goal and rolling over for extra 2-points, extending the Vikings lead to 20.

In the third quarter, Vikings’ David Jean-Charles Jr. ran the ball hard down into the red zone but was tackled by Rams’ Jeremiah Jackson just shy of the end zone. The Vikings’ QB Kendrick Nelson finished the job as he slashed through the right side of the Rams’ defense for the Vikings’ fourth TD of the game. The Rams’ would respond, but a little too late as the Rams’ offense would draw up a cleaver play to get Rams’, Nathaniel D Noel #2, in the open field running in a 60 yard touchdown, to put the Rams on the board, down 6-26.

With 2:30 left in the fourth quarter, Vikings’ Knaje’ Kevin Guthrie #9 ran for another show stopping touchdown, this time for an amazing 60 yard scamper, making the final score 32-Vikings, 6- Rams.

The Miami Gardens Vikings 80’s turned in another dominating performance advancing to the South Florida Youth Football third round playoffs.  “I feel very good, practice every day, work hard and execute game day,” said the Vikings RB, Knaje’ Kevin Guthrie. “It is as intense as the NFL to them; it is one in a life time experience for most of these kids. That’s what great about it. Kids that are at the 80lb. level will never be that again, so whatever they reach maybe a higher plateau, but it’s an experience for them that they will always cherish,” League Commissioner Robert McCoy about the playoffs.

The Miami Gardens Vikings only losing one game this season, seem to be on a collision course with that very same team, the Miami Gardens Cowboys. Will the Vikings get redemption? Or will the Cowboys continue to ride out in the big rodeo? The questions will all be answered in just a couple of weeks at the SFYFL Super Bowl Championships….

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