By Eric Ikpe

It was a uphill battle between Kendall Boys and Girls Club and Dania Bears, Saturday night at Milander stadium, for the super bowl showdown between 150 LBS. Dania Bears and Kendall Boys and girls club. These two teams met earlier during the year, and the Kolts defeated the Bears, so Dania was seeking revenge.

Before the start of the game Dania’s Head Coach Quincy had this to say, “We need to play physical, and we need to play smart.” Coach Moreno of the Kolts stated,  “We played them before and we need to come out hype.”

On the first possession, Dania was unable to drive and was forced to punt. The Kolts pounded the ball all the way down to the Bears 20 yard line, but threw an interception right into the hands of Bears’ Tayib Toussaint, which shifted the momentum. The Bears still had difficulty trying to establish their running game against the aggressive Kolts defense and was forced yet to punt again. Kendall Boys and Girls club continued to pound the ball behind the legs of running back Daren Jones #1, but could not find the end zone, which left both teams scoreless heading into the second quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, Dania started to use their ball carrier, Shaddrick Lowery #4, who dragged would be tacklers several yard after contact but still could not convert enough first downs to ever threaten the red zone. Kendall boys and girls club experienced the same results, great runs from the tailback, but not enough to get inside the Bears’ 20 yard line. At the half, both offenses knew they were in for a long day at the office, because both opposing defenses were swarming to the ball.

During halftime the Kolts preached to keep up the intensity and continue to pound the ball, knowing if they stayed the course the Kolts would eventually wear down the Bears’ defense.

At the start of the third quarter, both defenses seem to raise their level of play. Kolts defense put pressure on the Bears, and the Bears return the favor as they shut down Kendall boys and girls club running attack. The defensive slug fest continued right through the fourth quarter, forcing overtime for this evenly match team.

The Kolts received possession first and on their first play the Kolts scored on a 10 yd run by RB #1 Darren Jones, to put Kendall Boys and Girls Club up first, converting the point after touchdown, the Kolts were up 8-0

Now Dania would get their chance to score in overtime and get on the board, which they did with only two plays by RB #4 Shaddrick Lowery who dahed into the end zone to tie the game, causing a second overtime with the point after kick, Bears 8 Kolts 8 in first overtime.

Kendall answered Dania’s score with another score of their own, Kolts RB #1 Daren Jones sprinted through the end zone which sealed the game. The Kolts defense tighten up, denying the Bears another point, winning the 2011 the Miami-Dade Xtreme Superbowl.

When ask how this win feels, Kolts Head Coach Moreno stated “A lot of love on this team, a lot of heart and a lot of desire.” That was a great football team and some times it comes down to this.”

When asked about Kolts running back #1 Daren Jones, coach Moreno stated “Daren has been tearing up the league for three years, he is the anchor.” And also we also had problems snapping the ball earlier this year so I ask my son Jonathan Moreno to sacrifice himself and play center this year and he did. Also, my coaching staff did an excellent job with all these kids this year.”

When we asked coach Quincy about how this loss affected his team he stated, “They played with toughness this whole year, we had 25 players and we had a lot of cancer, but got rid of that cancer.” My sixteen kids you see now they played tough throughout the year and never let their head down.”

Kendall Boys and Girls Club Kolts 14, Dania Bears 8

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