The Hurricanes 100’s Storm Their Way Into the Super Bowl

By Julia Chongarlides

The Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes and the Northside Panthers faced off in the South Florida Youth Football League’s 100lb. division 3rd round play offs Sunday afternoon at the Ansin Sports Complex in Miramar. Both teams came into this game with a 10-1 record accumulating both loses to the Ravens.

The last time these teams faced each other was last year in the 90lb. division play offs where the Panthers fell to the Hurricanes in overtime. Head Coach Sean Horne of the Panthers explained, “This game is a redemption game for this group of kids. Different system, same kids and a new attitude.” The rivalry on the field was expressed through the coaches’ yells, screams and hard hits from both defenses as the 100 pound contest progressed.

“We are prepared to basically beat them with speed. Get them stressed out on the field and keep it moving side to side as we run the ball,” said Head Coach Sherman Bones of the Hurricanes. Both coaches had the same strategy, and that was to pound the ball.

The first two quarters were scoreless with never-ending runs from the Hurricanes’ RB #3 Lee Williams. The Panthers turned to their top RB’s Samuel Brooks and Rayquan Berry and tackling muscle of #99, Christopher Deal.

At the half, both coaches agreed on not changing their running game. “We going to stay smash mouth football. Keep it the going smash mouth. Everything we’re doing works, we just have to execute it better,” said Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator of the Panthers Sean Horne.

There was finally a score on the board besides the 0 in the third quarter. When Hurricanes’ offensive coordinator, Brandon Bivens, called on Hurricanes’ RB #3 Lee Williams, who found a hole in the Panthers’ defense opening up a 30 yard touch down run. Williams went for the 1-point conversion but failed to execute. Score remained 6-0 Hurricanes.

With 29 seconds left in the game, the Hurricanes’ Kennodrick McBride sacked Aaron Luis of the Panthers preserving their win, 6-0.  The Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes landed a spot in the Super Bowl next Sunday against the Ravens. “We have been preparing for them (Ravens) ever since the summer. We always scrimmage against each other. They are not going to change anything, we need to work on our pass defense,” said Head Coach Sherman Bones of the Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes believe firmly in their RB back star Lee Williams, and feel the same way, they aren’t going to change any thing for the Super Bowl as well. When Generation Nexxt asked Coach Bones about #3 he said, “In Lee we trust, he is going to get us where we need to be, all we got to do is block for him.”

The Super Bowl kicks off next Sunday in Miramar at the Ansin Sports Complex.


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