Deerfield Beach Packer Rattlers Win Back to Back Championships

By Hector Gonzalez

The Deerfield Beach Rattlers (14-1) are champions again, after defeating Miami Gardens Cowboys  (14-0)–in the South Florida Youth League Super Bowl 120lbs at Miramar Asin Sports Complex Sunday afternoon.

“Its back-to-back championship, I love these kids to death, I’ve been coaching the majority of these young kids since they were 7-years-old,” Deerfield’s coach Mike said, ” This is what we are here for, and we are not done PPO you are next!”

Both sides played aggresivesly on offense, but penalties kept them out of red zone, and stifling defense made it a low scoring game throughout most of the game.

Miami Gardens (14-1) caught a break towards the end of the first quarter as #5 Caleb Thomas intercepted a pass by Rattlers #7 Teddrick Moffit Jr., as he took a big hit, but were unable to take advantage as Deerfield Beach’s front line closed all running lanes, and stuffed the run.

“We just had to maintain our composure, that all, it takes defense to win games,” a joyful #7 Teddrick Moffit said, “Defense wins game, offense sells tickets.”

The Rattlers made a push to score late in the second quarter, but were also unable to gain yardage with their run game, and an incomplete pass on fourth down turned the ball over to Miami Gardens who kneeled it down.

Making it at Halftime 0-0.

The start of the second half was an encore for Miami Garden’s as #21 Jamal Walton made a terrific play intercepting another Deerfield Beach pass, but fell short of putting up any points on the board.

It was the same result for the Rattlers as well, with the Cowboys putting up a barricade of defenders around the ball to stop them on two drives, ending the third period still 0-0.

But in the fourth, #9 Giavante Evans who scored the game only scores, ran 11-yards for a touchdown with 7:26 remaining, later on as #9 Evans bulldozed his way into his second run, only this time in fashion style, breaking several tackles and sprinting 30-yards extending their lead 12-0.

“I had to do it for the team, this is big to for me,” #9 Giavante Evans said on his last run, ” I was thinking that they can’t stop me one-on-one, as they tried stripping the ball from me, in my mind was just hold on to the ball, and break out.”

As the rain began to pour so did Miami Gardens hope of making a comeback, going into passing mode #1 D’Andre Miles on fourth-down by Deerfield Beach’s #10 Isaiah McIntyre.

For the Cowboys who fought hard-all game, then would run out-of-time ending a season coming up short, with just one win away from winning it all. The Rattlers celebrated on the sidelines with chants of ” Cheeseheads, Cheeseheads” coming from the stands as they were the  South Florida Youth Football League 120lbs champions.


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