Miami Gardens Ravens 70’s Are The Super Bowl Champs!

By Julia Chongarlides

The 70lb. Miami Garden Ravens and the Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes came into the Super Bowl game undefeated and ready for a great offensive match-up. Hurricanes’ special teams coach, Claude Caesar explained, “We been prepared all season, it’s just another game. The way we look at it one game at a time, we don’t look at it any other way. Right now its 0-0 and everybody understands that.”

As warm ups began and the players ran their drills, the coaches from both teams hollered and screamed encouraging words to amp up their teams. A great offensive match-up it was, and this is how it began. Two minutes in the game both teams had scored a TD each, track star and gridiron competitor Katravis Geter, Jr. scored for the Ravens and Cornelius Fuller for the Hurricanes.

In the second quarter, Hurricane’s QB #9 Jaylon Tolbert handed off to #8 Antonio Spencer, who scrambled in the back field to find an open lane up the left side for a 10-yard TD run, 12-6. At the half Ravens’ Defensive Coordinator Wayne Cox said, “We don’t need to change anything we just missed a couple tackles rights now were down that’s all.” The Ravens didn’t panic being down by a TD at the half, because they had faith in their RB star Katravis Geter who ran for an 80-yard TD run in the beginning of the third quarter to tie it up at 12.

With 7 seconds left in the third, the Ravens QB Kem Williams ran right into the end zone for a 2-yard TD run. The 1-point conversion was completed by Geter to put the Ravens up by 7.

In the fourth quarter the Ravens turned to Geter again for another 80-yard TD run on 4th and 1, 25-12. To ensure their victory, the Ravens QB Kem Williams jumped up for a pass that was intended for #99 Darion Gray, Jr. of the Hurricanes for an interception. That gave the Ravens some insurance for the next half minute of the game.

The Ravens pulled out on top as the 70lb. Super Bowl Champs 2011. Raven’s Head Coach Danny Hunte said, “We work hard every day and hard work pays off. That’s all my kids believe in is hard work. Every time you do hard work there is good outcome in life, you gotta keep pushing the ahead forward and never lie down.”

The Ravens move on to the State Championships next weekend against the Plantation Wildcats Pee Wees.


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One Response to Miami Gardens Ravens 70’s Are The Super Bowl Champs!

  1. Cory Gilbert#57 says:

    Wow! What an incredible team,if only they had the proper coaching, they could have reached their full potential.

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