Miami Gardens Vikings 135’s Are The Champs!!

By Hector Gonzalez

“The Vikings weren’t just ready, the Vikings were prepared.” Those were the words Miami Gardens coach Jester ” Buddy” Bailey described his Miami Gardens Vikings as they defeated the visiting Lauderhill Lions 8-6 to capture the Super Bowl 135lbs championship on Sunday evening at Miramar Ansin Sports Complex.

“We can’t take anything from Lauderhill Lions, with that score 8-6, it could’ve gone either way,” coach Buddy Bailey said, ” It was a tight game, basically we weren’t just ready for this game, we were prepared for this game, studying for them day-in-day out, my team just came to play.”

A rematch from earlier in the season, in which the Vikings (14-1) lost to the Lauderhill (14-1) , the game was closer than score indicates, Miami Gardens jumped-off to a great start behind running back #1 Mark Walton with a 2-yard touchdown run late in the first quarter 8-0.

“Today was a game of talented guys, and they have it, but we did too,” #1 Mark Walton said with his reaction to winning it all, “To be real, I’ve gotten four of these, so I know how to act right now.”

Lauderhill had a tough time getting it going on offense with short gains, incomplete passes, and penalties until with 3:10 left in the half #4 Sam Bruce bobbled a potential snap for a field-goal, and instead gained the first-down that led to #6 goal-line touchdown run.

A Miami Garden 12-players on the field penalty helped the Lions set-up that score which made it 8-6 in favor of the Vikings at the break.

Turnovers haunted Lauderhill, on two-seperate occasions —a fumble at the start-of the third quarter, and another crucial one coming on a drive on first-and-goal with an opportunity to take the lead, after their defense stuffed the Vikings run game, but with the fumble came up empty.

Hanging on to the lead, Miami Gardens defense played outstanding in the second half clamping down, and forcing incomplete passes- a big-sack by # 00 Kenneth Donaldson coming up on less than 5:00 minutes to go in the game.

“It feels great, well deserved because my team worked hard, came out, performed,” #00 Kenneth Donaldson said.

On the Lions last possession, on fourth-down, #6 picked up a huge first-down that kept their hope, and drive alive, but for only a brief-moment because on the following next downs, they were hampered by penalties, incomplete passes, and what many on the Lauderhill side called a questionable offensive pass-interference flag, but it was ruled by referees as called, backing-the Lions to their own 20-yard-line.

Lauderhill would misfire in the passing game on second, third and fourth, with the Vikings taking over, and kneeling it down for the victory. Then the famous Vikings chant would take of the Ansin Stadium, “Viks Viks, Yo! Yo!, Yeeeaaaaahhh…”

Coach Buddy Bailey leads his team back the Super Bowl to win another South Florida Youth Football Championship. Next on the Vikings radar will be the winner of the 150 LB. (14U) Orange Bowl Championships. The Vikings will face that winner on December 17th in the Youth Football Bowl Championship Series.


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