In didn’t matter that the PPO Bengals(135Lbs) came into the match up with the better overall record, as Deerfield Beach(120Lbs) edges the Bengals 12-6, Saturday afternoon at the Miramar Ansin Sports Complex.

“No disrepect to the PPO staff, but we scrimmage with our own 135 pounds and they don’t want to see them,” said Deerfield’s Asst. Head Coach Mike. “Records never mattered to our guys, we just come out to play.”

On the first drive, PPO decided to go for it on 4th and long and came up short, turning the ball over on the 34 yard line. The Rattlers were set to score, but Deerfield’s quarterback,  #7 Teddrick Moffett Jr threw the ball right in the hands of Bengals’ defensive back, #9 Christopher Cotto as the game remained scoreless in the first quarter.

“I was a little frustrated at first, but I believed in our team,” Deerfield’s QB Teddrick Moffett Jr said.

That frustration came to a stop quickly as Teddrick Moffet Jr connected with Deerfield’s WR, #25 Alton Jordan for a 71 yard touchdown pass.The Bengals responded with a couple of big plays from #1 Kalyn Nelson to #3 Brandon Johnson, but were unable to convert a touchdown pass before halftime.

PPO came out and made strides to tie the score, but the Rattlers rattled the Bengals led by #8 Jeremiah Graham. PPO returned the favor as their hard-hitting defense which includes #21 Jalen Faulk, #4 Romelo Webster and #8 Andre Penn stopped Deerfield Beach mission to increase the lead.

“This wins feels good, I’m glad I help my team win,” Deerfield’s Alton Jordan said.

The Bengals did not let their guards down as they were able to engineer a scoring drive with a 32 yard pass from PPO’s QB,  #1 Kayln Nelson to WR, #9 Christopher Cotto, but it was a little to late as Deerfield’s #9 Giavante Evans stretch his way with a 2 yard touchdown run to put the game away.

Deerfield Beach advances to next week championship game and they have one goal in mind “You will learn today,” coach Alfred Caldwell said. That is their motto on and off the field.


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