For the first time in Youth Football history, where two teams dominated in their own respective leagues, Florida City (Greater Miami Pop Warner-Sean Taylor Champions) faced off with Bunche Park Cowboys(SFYFL Champions) for the State championship and bragging rights.

Bunche Park Cowboys defeat Florida City Razorbacks 12-6 in an overtime showdown.

“It was a great game, and we were prepare for the challenge,” Bunche Park assistant coach Lee Jones said. “Two great teams with one common goal, and that is to win the championship.” Florida City came into the game wining their super bowl against an undefeated Gwen Cheery Bulls team. The Cowboys enter the game as back to back champions and a big win over the AYFL’s North East Rebels.

Bunche Park wasted no time scoring on their first possession of the game, as #2 Willie Floyd hauled in a screen pass from #1 Cedquan Smith for a 33 yard touchdown, Bunche Park 6 – Florida City 0.

Florida City displayed their explosive offense, led by #21 Gabriel Taylor, younger brother of the late NFL Superstar, Sean Taylor, who made several plays to drive down to Cowboy territory, but that drive came up short as time ran out at halftime.

The Razorbacks came out with their high intense offense, and continue to make plays from their superstars #1 Destin Jones and #3 Torey Morrison, but could not find the end zone, forcing punts and keeping the confidence high on the Cowboys sideline.

Bunche Park blew a huge chance to add to their lead when they made a gutsy call going for it on 4th down and converting the first down by #2 Willie Floyd, but it was called back for holding which shifted the momentum.

On the ensuing drive Florida City methodically drove down the field on an efficient drive that covered 49 yards 5:15 off the clock, which was capped off by a 3 yard touch down scored by Florida City’s fullback, #3 Torey Morrison.

Bunche Park answered back with their own ball control type of drive, pounding the ball all the way down to the Razorback 13 yard line, but as #1 Cedquan Smith attempted to spike the ball before the clock hit all zeroes, it was to late.

Florida City had the ball first in overtime, but could not score, as #54 Jabari Merrell and a host of Cowboys denied any type of forward progress by the Razorbacks on all four downs.

The Cowboys took over and would have their chance to win it in overtime. The Cowboys shifted their offensive line to the left and #5 Chavon Wright put the game in his hands and plowed his way in for the game winning touchdown.

“This game is monumental, and historic,” Cowboys’ coach Lee Jones said.”To see Florida City come step out their respective league and play is definitely special. But we feel we have the best group of 9 year olds in the country.”


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