In this highly anticipated match-up between Lake Stevens Cardinals(120Lbs) and Miami Garden Ravens(115Lbs), both teams came out with a chip on their shoulders.

In the end, the Ravens shut-out the Cardinals 28-0, in which the mercy rule had to be called by the officiating staff.

“Lake Stevens is right around the corner from us, so it’s like beating up your little brother.” Ravens Head Coach Rod Mack said.

The Cardinals defense came out forcing a early fumble by #9 Cameron Gatlin, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Ravens mindset for the rest of the game.

Miami Gardens running attack came out early, #0 Shaun P Shivers A.K.A “Worm” gain some huge yards, but was pinned by #19 Karee Graham and #7 Conron Raye who denied any points before half.

All that change when the second half start, as it was all Ravens Football from start to finish.

On the first possession, #1 Kh’lajuwon Murat exploded up the middle for a 21 yard touchdown. Lake Stevens playmaker #3 Shemar Thornton A.K.A “Bobo” make some difficult catches, but #3 Craig Nelson and #52 Raymond Moore flocked all over the Cardinals,denying any chance of scoring.

The Ravens did not let up, as #1 Kh’lajuwon Murat dashed for his second touchdown that afternoon for 23 yards.

To add insult to injury, the pounding continue, but this time it was #4 Zaire Jacobs sprinting down the sideline for a 34 yard touchdown.

Even though the game was out of reach, the Ravens wanted to teach the Cardinals a lesson, which was simply: You can eat your wheaties,we eat people, which is the slogan displayed on the back of the coaching staff T-shirts.

Lake Stevens did not give in that easy,as they attempted to make a big play in the air, which was intercepted by #3 Craig Nelson, and on the next play #6 Jaylen Floyd burst for a 71 yard touchdown.

“My team knows when to adjust,” coach Rod Mack said. “We just want to prove that we have the top guys around.”


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