Twan Russell-Miami Dolphins Community & Youth Sports Director Interview

By Hector Gonzalez

Miami Dolphins’ second annual Dade vs. Broward All-Star Football Game presented by Generation Nexxt & Under Armour on Jan. 13 atSun Life Stadium.

Q: How did this event come together ?

A: It started three-years ago  when we [ Damian Huttenhoff, Director of Activities and Athletics for the BCAA, and Cheryl A.Golden, GMAC instructional supervisor] sat a table meeting, and they begantalking about the challenges of the cost to run high school football programs.So then, I said why don’t you guys allow us to help you put an event totogether where we can raise funds with all proceeds going back to the Dade&Browardprograms.

Q: Purpose of the game ?

A: The sole purpose of this game is to raise funds toallow the continuance of high school athletic programs.

Q: How do the players benefitfrom participating in this game?

A: For these young-men this is a chance for them toshowcase their skills, and talents in front of everybody. Back when I was in highschool, I remember playing in the Georgia vs. Florida game, so this presentsthese kids one last opportunity to display what they can do on the field someof them have still not decided where they will be attending college at.

Q: Who are the marquee players tolook-out for?

A: For Dade you have E.J. Hilliard ( Northwestern),Randy ” Duke” Johnson ( Norland), for Broward : Josh Orison (Westminster), Dami Ayoola (St. Thomas Aquinas) he’s going to IIIinois, so thoseare just a few names.

Q: Cost in putting this event together ?

A:  I really can’t get into the details, butit’s costing us ( Dolphins) several ten-thousands of dollars. It’s really asubstantial cost where all the proceeds going to Dade&Broward programs, wehope to raise at least $20,000 if not more. Admission is $12.00

Q: Why is the game being held at Sun Life Stadium ?

A: Last year we had the game played at Traz Powell –this year we want the players to have a real-life NFL experience exactly as anactual Dolphin game–there is going to be instant replay, inside broadcast, jumbotron screen, and game ribbons.  I want the guys to look-up in the stands, and see fans cheering them.

Q: What is Generation Nexxt connection ?

A: Well if you consider that some of these guys played youth-football, or pee-wee, so when they see these guys they will say oh, yes Generation Nexxt covered my games when I just started playing. Generation Nexxt in a sense passes the torch as these athletes leave youth football to high school football.

Q: Who is going to win the game? Dade or Broward?

A: Laughing, Russell responded I have no idea, myreal interest is that for the young-guys to have a safe place to play, broaden their skills and for us to raise funds to give back to the community.

Kicker Quote: ” This is a family event, where you can hangout, and watch a game of football.”

Russell said he expected some current and former Dolphins players to attend


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