City of Miami Gardens Choice of Leagues Narrows Down


(Miami Gardens, FL.) – Just last night, the City of Miami Gardens conducted a mandatory pre-bid proposal meeting for the 2012 Miami Gardens youth football and cheer programs. This city held meeting was for any and all leagues that would potentially want to bid for the 2012 Miami Gardens’ programs.

In this meeting, it was explained by city of Miami Gardens, procurement manager, Pam Thompson, “This is a mandatory meeting, any leagues without representation here today will not be able to place a bid for the City of Miami Gardens youth football & cheer contract for the 2012 season.” All leagues were given specific parameters for bidding; the South Florida Youth Football League, where the Miami Gardens programs previously participated, did not meet the established parameters. This left two leagues in contention for the Miami Gardens programs. The Greater Miami Pop Warner League and the newly unified National Youth Football League, and the Florida Youth Football League, which represented the second league.

This off season there has been wide speculation in regards to where the five Miami Gardens programs will end up participating. The Miami Gardens programs have proven to be a youth football power house, winning six out of the eight championships in 2011 league play. After last night’s city meeting, the local youth football picture is truly shaping up, now knowing there are only two leagues in contention for the Miami Gardens programs.

Both the Greater Miami Pop Warner League and the unified N.Y.F.L. & F.Y.F.L. have vowed as leagues to both provide similar services to the entire student athletes they serve. Those primary services consist of a strong educational component and an excellent brand of football and cheer.

Greater Miami Pop Warner selling points to the city of Miami Gardens is; the history and tradition of one of the oldest established youth football leagues in the nation. Pop Warner is proud to provide national exposure for its members with the platform to compete within Pop Warner on a national level. But as just in any city, the concerns are always the costs which are associated with traveling which would primarily fall into the city of Miami Gardens’ financial responsibility.

The Florida Youth Football League, founded by international rap star, [ Flo Rida], selling points to the city of Miami Gardens stand on the premises of providing something new and exciting for the community. Martin Maultsby, F.Y.F.L. representative said, “We want to bring back the neighborhood team rivalries that the entire community would come out and watch and bring back the old traditions that youth football is missing right now. We also want to create competitive atmosphere in our league that the kids and parents love.”

Both leagues understand adding the Miami Gardens programs add to certain prestige to their roster of clubs. The Miami Gardens’ programs have produced top notch athletes over the years, such as; Tracy Howard, Dalvin Cook, Geno Smith, Sean Spence, Teddy Bridgewater, Sinorice Moss, Santana Moss, just to name a few.

The City of Miami Gardens has committed to start league evaluations by the 7th of March, also league presentations will be held by the 12th of March, and the city will announce its league participation on March 28, 2012. But until the 28th, the city has placed this bid for the football & cheer programs under a “Cone of Silence.” No employee or representative of the city of Miami Gardens will discuss or negotiate this matter with the leagues until the contract has been awarded.

As we said here before on Generation Nexxt, this off season has truly reshaped the landscape of youth football in the South Florida region. There are big questions for the South Florida Youth Football League after losing the Miami Gardens programs. Also, other programs that have been sitting idle watching these developments are now ready to announce where their respective programs will be playing this year.

Be sure to stay tuned. Over the next upcoming weeks, where the Miami Gardens programs play will definitely be set in stone, in this forever changing landscape of youth football.


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  1. Cr7 says:

    Lake stevens 120s qb should be the mvp-your not going to find a kid thAt age that can throw like him

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