Plantation—- League commissioner Jay Bria, and staff hosted a day filled of activities for the opening parade ceremony for Youth Baseball, Saturday morning at Central Park. Sixty-eight in-house programs and seven travel teams joined together to enjoy a day of festivities and words of encouragement from former professional athletes such as: Kim Bokamper, four time Pro-Bowler Sam Madison and All-Star, Charles Johnson—to the city mayor Diane Veltri.

“What you are today, you’ll have life long memories,” Diane Veltri said.”This event is special, and [Jay] Bria needs a special thanks, without his crew none of this is possible.”

Super Bowl XLII champion and Airo Athletics co-founder, Sam Madison said, “I just want the youth to enjoy this time, but to always strive for the best. Enjoy yourselves this season, but always work hard. This is your time to have fun with friends and family.”

The youth enjoyed ten carnival games, two team skills challenges, inflatable bounce houses, food trucks, pictures from TSS photography and a chance to enter a raffle drawing to with Miami Marlins tickets, IPOD, and much more.

“This is a great celebration; always remember to work hard ,” Charles Johnson said. “Make sure to have fun, but always listen to your coaches and parents.”

Proud sponsors showed support for the upcoming season and are impressed by the job done by the parking staff.

“[Jay] Bria is outstanding and has been a friend for years,” attorney Robert Bigge said. “I have no complaints and he is a outstanding human being and very well organize.”

Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network co-founder, Jonah Woullard, made a commitment that the coverage of youth Baseball would be covered on a broader scale.

“We will cover you guys from start to finish,” Jonah Woullard said. “We are here for you all, so let’s make it an exciting season.”

The Generation Nexxt team is truly excited about bringing baseball to the youth sports media platform. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you some of the Nexxt Baseball Superstars!


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