The AYFL recently (American Youth Football League) welcomed the long-standing member of the SFYFL (South Florida Youth Football League) Miramar Wolverines, into their league. West Park Hurricanes has two pounds (85 and 105Lbs) that are bidding to join the AYFL, but the move has not been set in stone.

“We have been in the league for several years [Miami Xtreme League], and we felt that we’ve accomplished what we needed to,” Vice President Caesar Tavarez said. “It’s time for growth; try something new.”

A disagreement that derived last season within the Hurricanes’ coaching staff, turned into turmoil that called for the split amongst the Hurricane program, birthing two programs from one park. The South Florida Hurricanes which are currently members of the Miami Xtreme Youth Football League, and the West Park Hurricanes which has been recently accepted as a new member of the American Youth Football League.

“It’s a split, but not the entire park is leaving,” South Florida Hurricanes Vice President, Ron Strong said. “[Mario] and [Caesar] are the two coaches wanting to leave at this point, everyone else is good.”

On the other side of things, the addition with adding the Wolverines to the AYFL is an exciting time for the organization.

“I love expansion, and I think these teams will compete right away,” AYFL Vice President Jim Ross said. “It was certain by-laws and documentation that had to pass, after the meeting on [Wednesday] evening we accepted them the same night.”

Coach Caesar Tavarez and Mario Steadham are looking join Miramar Wolverines, and part ways with the Xtreme league to start a whole new chapter of their own.

“People in the past say that [inner-city] teams don’t play [suburban teams],” Caesar Tavarez said. “This will open up the league more.”

These changes within the Hurricanes organzation was not a overnight process, the animosity has been brewing for quite some time and this split amoung certain coaches was inevitable.

“It was a [misunderstanding] of money, and park operations and I wanted to talk about it.” Ron Strong said. “They basically wanted to branch off, and try something new.”

The Miramar Wolverines transition to another league didnt come under such extreme conditions. The AYFL was not the only organization that  Wolverines explored, before the final decision was made.

“We looked at the [Xtreme League] and also the [Flo league],” Miramar commissioner Jerome Horton said. “With certain teams leaving the [SFYFL]  and a lot of uncertainties our board members ask us to explore our options. We just felt the AYFL was the best fit for our program at this point and time.”

Whatever the outcome is between Xtreme and the AYFL, the coaches and staff is expecting for Generation Nexxt to come fully prepared to catch all the action.

“[Generation Nexxt] have your camera ready,” Caesar Tavarez said. “This is a whole different culture, and we are ready.”


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