Track & Field Spotlight On Jamal Walton-Miami Gardens Xpress

Being a competitor is nothing new to Miami Gardens Xpress’,  Jamal Walton, dominating the track field since he first laced his track shoes.

“He has always been placed in the [Junior Olympics] ever since he started running,” Head Coach Darius “D” Lawshea said.” He has been ranked in the top three in the country since the age of [Eight] in the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 meter, and was the number one kid last year in the 400 meter.”

Not only having the passion for Track and Field, Jamal also plays Football (safety) for the Miami Gardens Cowboys utilizing his dominate speed to cover the entire field. Miami Gardens Cowboy’s assistant coach, Ted Dinson said, This kid doesnt know his own talent yet. When his knowledge of the game catches up his physical abilities, look out!”

Jamal’s quest of dominance continues as he placed first in the 400 meter dash at last Saturday’s track meet at the Miramar Ansin Sports Complex Center, out sprinting one of the nations’ fastest youth athletes, Amir Rasul Jr, to the finish line.

“[Amir] is a excellent runner, Jamal and Amir always go back and forth,” Coach Darius Lawshea said. “It’s always great to see the top competition to push themselves to get better, week in and week out.”

To add to all his accolades, Jamal’s biggest accomplishment was breaking the national record at the 2011 Junior Olymipcs in the 4 x 400 meter relay, with an amazing time of 3:28 flat.

“Jamal is like my son, he has been with me since the beginning,” said coach Darius. “He could get better, but he always works hard and has dedication.”

Keep your eyes on Jamal Walton is definetly one of the nation’s top rising stars in the track & field scene.


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