By Julia Chongarlides

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Davie Broncos 140’s VS. Hialeah Cougars 130’s

The Davie Broncos 140s of the American Youth Football League and the Hialeah Cougars 130s of the Miami Dade Xtreme Youth Football League, last years’ Xtreme 120 lb. champions, battled it out at FIU North this past Sunday in the Kick Off Classic.

Generation Nexxt and Airo Athletics partnered up to clearly put some of the best teams in youth football on one field for an exciting pre-season tournament.

Faion Hicks of the Davie Broncos scored the first TD of the controlled scrimmage to take the early lead, Broncos 6-0.

Dontavius Butler caught a spectacular 30-yard catch, which could have been highlighted on sportscenter, for the Broncos 1st down. But the drive would eventually stall out and the Cougars would take over on downs.

As soon as the Cougars would try to settle in on offense, the Davie’s defense stepped up as Broncos’ defensive back, Demetrius Taylor picked off Cougars pass for a pick 6, increasing the Broncos lead, 12-0.

Offensively, the Cougars were having difficulties blocking the front five of the Broncos defense, causing Cougar miscues in the backfield most of the afternoon.

The Broncos were able to keep the Cougars under 40 yards of total offense, in the two (10) min. quarters of the scrimmage.

The Broncos offense seemed to hitting on all cylinders as Davie capped off the day with a QB keeper, scored by Dylan Merino.

Final score Davie Broncos 18, Hialeah Cougars 0.

Miami Lakes Jaguars 105’s VS. Miami Lakes Vikings 115’s

The Miami Lakes Jaguars 105s of the MDXYFL and the Miami Gardens Vikings 115s of the newly founded, Florida Youth Football League, put both of their respective defenses on display.

This was an anticipated match up in the sense of the Jaguars did not lose a game on the field in the 2011 regular season, and came up one game short of being a Super Bowl Champion.

The Vikings newly put together squad is comprised of the mixture of the 2011 Xtreme 90 lb. Champs: West Park Hurricanes, Ravens and of course the Vikings.

Both the Jaguars’ and Vikings’ linebackers dominated majority of this 20 minute scrimmage, making tackles in the backfield, sure handed one on one open field tackles, and the often sounding off with the thumping of hard hits all day.

Dajon Clark of the Vikings started the game off by sacking Jaguars’ QB, Jason Sorrow  setting the tone for the day for the Vikings defense.

Matt Render of the Jaguars had a stellar game, dominating the trenches, limited the Vikings options up the middle throughout the scrimmage.

The Vikings’ defense would return the favor, keeping the hi-scoring Jaguars’ offense out of the endzone the entire afternoon.

But it would be the Vikings that capatilized on the Jags’ linebackers over pursuing the cut back lanes, which allowed Juzion Wade of the Vikings to spring loose and score the loan TD of the scrimmage.

Final score Miami Gardens Vikings 6, Miami Lakes Jaguars 0.

North West Broward Raiders 120’s VS. North Miami Beach Sundevils 120’s 

The N.W. Broward Raiders 120s of the Florida Youth Football League took on the  North Miami Beach Sundevils 120s of the Miami Dade Xtreme League.

The Raiders have always been a tough team, always in playoff contention, bringing a certain Raiders’ swag to the game.

The Sundevils were battle tested, winning the 2011 Xtreme Superbowl and a 2011 State Championship title.

But that was last year’s accolades, and this was a kickoff classic to a new season.

The Raiders waisted no time by scoring from the very first play from scrimmage.

Raiders’ Keyshawn McCray broke through the line of scrimmage, and broke into the Sundevils’ secondary before the linebackers could even react. Keyshawn dashed down the sidelines for 65 yard touchdown, putting the Raiders up, 6-0.

Sundevils would try their hand on offense, but the Raiders game plan was to test their mutliple blitz packages the entire day. As the Raiders continued to dial up these exotic blitzes, it truly limited the running lanes for the Sundevils, not allowing the offensive linemen to pick and choose one single target.

The Raiders momentum on defense carried right over to the offense as NW Broward Raiders’ QB Jaren Johnson threw a flare pass to RB Kenny Mcintosh for a 34 yard TD run, increasing the Raiders lead to, 12-0.

The Raiders werent done they lined up in the I formation, which attacked the Sundevils linebackers passed the line of scrimmage which allowed the Raiders dynamic running back, Kenny Mcintosh a hat trick, scoring his third touch down on a dazzling 40 yard touch down run.

Final Score: North West Broward Raiders 18, North Miami Beach Sundevils 0.


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