“It’s Personal” was the first statement Miami Jaguars Head Coach Jack Sawyer stated to Generation Nexxt prior to the kick off of the Tamiami Colts game.

In a match up that had extra spice due to a clerical error that cost the Jaguars 90’s a game against Tamiami last year, was building up to be a great match up.

The Miami Lakes Jaguars, entering this match up very confident, informing Generation Nexxt that the Jags would be running a base 5-2 defense and tons of run blitzes.

On offense, Coach Jack said, expect a good mix of spread and power; using shotgun and a wishbone formation Coach Sawyer affectionately calls the “diamond package.”

The Tamiami Colts 105’s entered this match up with a record of 1-0 due to not being able to play a game that was canceled due to Tropical Storm Isaac.

Tamiami Colts Coach Jonathan Martin said in a pre-game interview, “Expect a Pittsburgh Steelers’ like offense and defense.  We match up well against the Jaguars; this should be a great game.”

In the 1st quarter the Tamiami Colts 105’s came out strong with a ball controlled drive that showcased the Colts’ wishbone offense which chewed up clock and ate up yards on a 65 yard drive, capped off with a 2 yard touchdown by Colts’ running back, #2 Julian Hernandez. Colts take the 1st quarter lead, 8-0.

The Jaguars 105’s first offensive possession displayed the Jaguars aggressive offensive line play. With 1:37 left in the 1st quarter the Jaguars marched the ball down the field behind strong runs from Jag’s running back # 3 Damond Hepburn and  then a blazing 31 yard TD run by # 7 Nicholas Allen. The Jaguars trailed the Colts, 6-8 with about 3:39 left in the half.

Both teams’ defenses stiffened up as the first half was winding to a close until the Jaguars’ went into their bag of tricks and pulled a 1978 Don Coryelle, RB Double Pass which concluded with Jag’s running back #3 Damond Hepburn throwing a 48 yard pass for a TD to #4 Anton French, on what initially appeared to be a screen. The halftime score was Jaguars 12-Colts 8.

In the second half the Jaguars 105’s came out and “Sugar Ray Leonarded” the Colts 105’s by using their speed and aggressiveness, proving to be the perfect combination on both sides of the ball. The Jaguars stout defense shut the Colts out for the entire second half, rendering only one first down.

The Jaguars added to the score board with a power run by #10 N’Kosi Thompson increasing the lead to 18-8. Miami Lakes’ running back #2 Dajon Clark closed out the game with a spectacular 71 touchdown yard run. Sealing the deal with a final score, Jaguars 26- Tamiami 8.

In a post game interview Jag’s Head Coach Jack Sawyer said, “This win felt good, the kids really wanted this win for what happen last year. Also, I’ve seen Coach Big Lip Bandit of the West Miramar Patriots on the internet talking about the Jags. All I have to say to Coach Big Lip, the Jaguars are coming to shut down the Patriots’ air show down!”


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One Response to MIAMI LAKES JAGUARS 105’S

  1. Miramar Patriots says:

    Miramar Patriots look forward to facing Miami Lakes. The Patriots 105s have their sharp teeth set for in chewing down the jaguars.

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