West Miramar Patriots 105’s Win Big Over the Jaguars!

By Luis Gonzalez

In a game dubbed mud bowl by both head coaches Alex “Big Lip” Chishlom of the West Miramar Patriots 105’s, and Jack Sawyer of the Miami Lakes Jaguars 105’s; a battle of undefeated proportions was about to be decided with hard running, great defense and maybe even some trickeration.

Earlier this season, Generation Nexxt witnessed a double pass from the Jaguars in a victory against the Tamiami Colts 105’s, but this wasn’t the (4-3) Colts this was the (6-0) Patriots. This was a highly anticipated game of the week between the new kids on the block, the West Miramar Patriots and the Miami Lakes Jags that was dubbed by many, Xtreme Super Bowl favorites.

The scene at Miramar Regional Park was a mud extravaganza that Patriots Head Coach, AlexBig Lip” Chishlom so keenly stated, “The mud played no favorites.” It seemed to slow Miramar’s offense, but not completely stop their Oregon Ducks Style spread option.

Both teams usually have up tempo offenses that can score quickly. But with the combination of muddy field conditions and tough defenses, is was a complete stalemate in the first couple of series.

In the second quarter with the score still 0-0, Patriots took over on downs with 5:32 left in the first half  began the slow, dirty drive, grinding their way down the field and seemingly imposing their will on a Jags D that to that point had held the Patriots offense to 29 yards.

After 2 Hard earned First Downs, # 4 QB Alex Chisholm Jr., who just so happened to be Coach Alex’s son made his father proud by taking a designed QB draw 41 yards. The drive was then concluded as #13 QB William Manuel tossed a beautiful ball to wide receiver #22 Jalen Rumph for a 17 yard TD pass that would’ve had even Oregon clapping. Patriots take the lead 8-0 at the half.

In the Second Half, the Patriots and Jaguars battled for another eight minutes with a score, and then it seemed as if the Patriots found the chains to their tires to tread through the mud with 1:55 remaining in the third, the Patriots high powered offense came alive as Patriots RB, #1 Trenard Doster took the ball on a Jet Blast off Tackle for a 23 yard Td run.  Patriots increase their lead 16-0.

The Jags tried to claw their way back, started drive of their own with strong running from #7 Nicolas Allen, giving maximum effort, but they seemed to be stuck in the mud as the Jags repeatedly turned over the ball on downs.

The air show as the Patriots offense is referred to by locals, took flight  with 7:32 in the 4th as QB #13 William Manuel  would strike again as he passed to #11 on a screen f or 25 yard touchdown, increasing the Patriots lead 23-0.

The Patriots ended the game with a 8 yard Td rush by RB #5 Leonard Cohen, adding an exclamation point to the big win over the Jags, winning 31-0.

Head Coach, Alex “Big Lip” Chisholm said he was extremely proud of his team as they battled through adversity and the elements to grab an even bigger victory than anyone expected.


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  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Let’s get the U back where they belong :).

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