In the AYFL, one of the toughest divisions has been the 140 pound division. Several teams have been making a push for the Super Bowl race since the 2012 preseason.

One of the AYFL Super Bowl contenders was the undefeated Cooper City Cowboys, who finished the regular season with a perfect record. Even though the Cowboys lost one of their biggest offensive weapons earlier in the season against neighborhood rival, Pasadena Lakes; the Cowboys were still favored by the 140 LB. fan base to at least make a Super Bowl appearance.

On the other side of the grid iron, stood the Davie Broncos, which was known for their extremely talented linebackers and speedy skill positions and has showed flashes of a top 140 LB team in the AYFL. The Broncos outstanding season had recently been overshadowed by controversy on and off the field, where lots of people counted them out of super bowl contention.

The Broncos’ Head Coach, Mark Hill said, “No matter the adversity, this group of kids stick together. We know the regular season record doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs, its win or go home.”

With that being said, the Broncos and Cowboys took the field for round one of the AYFL playoffs. Davie put on an offensive clinic, with a series of off tackle runs and inside power runs, which consumed 8:52 of the first quarter and a total 73 yards. The Broncos capped off their opening drive with a quarterback sneak by #1 Lauress Nelson for a touchdown, putting the Broncos up 6-0 over the Cowboys.

Davie’s defense dominated from the first blow of the whistle to the end of regulation against Cooper City, lead by Broncos’ linebacker #6 Demetrius Taylor and defensive tackle, #2 Dillon Merino, combining for 11 tackles for losses on the day.

The Broncos kept the offensive pressure on the Cowboys by completing a 12 yard deep slant from Broncos’ quarterback, #5 Mark Hill to wide receiver #7 Rashid Haynes for the second Broncos’ touchdown of the day. Broncos 12- Cowboys 0

Davie continued to pour on the offense pressure as Broncos’ running back, #1 Lauress Nelson took the ball off tackle, through the Cooper City defense for a 38 yard touchdown, increasing the lead, Broncos 18-Cowboys 0.

The Cooper City Cowboys, even though down 18-0, continued to play with the pride that awarded them an undefeated regular season, as the Cowboys  throw a late fourth quarter strike for a touchdown. Broncos defeat the Cowboys 18-6.

The Davie Broncos will be taking on the undefeated Weston Warriors for the right move on the Championship round at PPO home field this coming Saturday.


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  1. nunia says:

    mark hill isnt head coach brian saul mark is just a a lucky coach to go to a park and not get a background check like ponder.davie broncos should do a background check this should go across ayfl because mark got arrested for many thing like ponder and didnt get a backround check so they are lucky for being on the team….SO THIS SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT IN AYFL THEY CHEATED THEY SWEAT THERE PLAYERS IN THE CAR EVERY GAME AND PUT GARBAGE BAGS ON EVERY NIGHT AT PRACTICE.

  2. Proud Bronco Parent says:

    Haters love to hate. That game was won fair and square.

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