The AYFL Changes Direction for the 2013 Season!

By Jonah Woullard

While several teams have been preparing to strap it up for post season play, the American Youth Football League Board of Directors has been hashing out their post season direction of the AYFL.

In a recent AYFL league meeting, one of the major items that was on the agenda was the vote to either let the newly acquired, West Park Hurricanes program remain as an active program in the AYFL, or to cast a vote to part ways with West Park Hurricanes.

AYFL’s President, Ross Sinel said, “Being part of the AYFL requires each program to uphold our by-laws, rules and regulations. When a new program is accepted to the AYFL, that program is placed on a probation period to ensure their transition to the league is a smooth one. This particular transition was not the best fit for both West Park and the AYFL. So this upcoming 2013 season, West Park Hurricanes will not be a part of the American Youth Football League.”

The AYFL board voted to remove the West Park Hurricanes for the upcoming season, with an opportunity to reapply if all criteria have been met.

The AYFL’s business was not done with voting on what programs would remain on the roster. With a lot of organizations on the move this off season, the AYFL would also vote on if they should look into expanding their league by accepting bids for new programs to enter the AYFL for the 2013 season.

AYFL Vice President, Jim Ross said, “We elected not to take on any new teams this year per majority vote; we really want to focus on the existing cities and members to maximize our existing relationships, and get better as a league.”

Prior to adding West Park Hurricanes and the Miramar Wolverines in 2012, the AYFL hadn’t added a program since adding the North East Rebels, Ft. Lauderdale Jaguars, and the Deerfield Raiders back in 2006.


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2 Responses to The AYFL Changes Direction for the 2013 Season!

  1. Johnnie says:

    As you notice there is no black football program in AyFl. They just let one program go, and won’t let another in. It’ a shame we still going through seperation.

  2. James Robinson says:

    Really? Most of the players in the league are black. Nonsense.

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