Cayman Islands –Allen Levin

More than 1,400 children from 15 different schools throughout Grand Cayman were impacted by the Miami Dolphins Youth Programs Department during a series of pep rallies as part of three-day tour this past weekend. This was the first time that the organization has conducted youth programs initiatives in the top Caribbean destination. “The pep rallies were very exciting for the youth and staff of our area schools but most importantly, the message shared by the Dolphins was extraordinarily positive, echoing the values that we, as a country, try to instill in our children such as making positive choices, being active, and committing to education,” Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands Shomari Scott said. “Collaborations such as this will enable us to share the spirit of the Cayman Islands with international visitors through the relationship with the Dolphins and their fans who come to participate in the camp this summer and we are excited to welcome these families.”

The pep rallies were a part of an innovative partnership with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism that began in 2012 with the goal of spreading awareness of the islands as a travel destination, while also increasing knowledge of football and physical fitness amongst the Caymanian youth. “To have the opportunity to make an impact on kids in an international setting is amazing,” Youth Programs Director Twan Russell said. “We want our youth programs to spread outside of just South Florida, so having this tour in the Cayman Islands is a great step towards that goal.” The pep rallies included interactive events such as dance contests, question and answer sessions, a meet and greet with an alumni cheerleader, team mascot T.D. and giveaways.

The Dolphins also presented their Dol-Fit program, which taught children the significance of education, physical fitness and positive choices. The Dolphins Youth Programs Department will also hold a football camp in Grand Cayman this summer on July 24 and 25. For more information on the Cayman Islands camp, visit To learn more about the Miami Dolphins Youth Programs and summer camps, visit -DOLPHINS-



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