Panthers on the Prowl for a Championship


By Tyrell Humphries

(ATLANTA, GA) The Welcome All Park Athletic Association is a 20-year-old football program that is affiliated with the Metro Atlanta Youth Football League (MAYFL). The MAYFL is packed with talented young men and dedicated coaches. Current NFL Carolina Panthers star quarterback,Cam Newton, began his  now famous football career playing on the very fields of Welcome All Park.  

With such a winning tradition, Welcome All Park doesn’t like to come up short of championships. Last season the 9 and under Welcome All Park Panthers did just that. One game away from making it to the championships, they lost to Central Dekalb by a late touchdown. The fire is still burning in the players and the coaches’ eyes, and they refuse to have that feeling again.

Hard running, communication, trick plays and the desire for a championship fueled yesterday’s practice at Welcome All Park. Coach Gerard Wright and the rest of the Welcome All Coaching staff firmly believe that this 9 and under team is one of the best in the state. When asked about the stand out players on the team, Coach Wright responded, “There are 24 of them!” The Welcome All Panthers and the MAYFL are full of talented young football players. Because of the talent level in the MAYFL, Kyle, proud father to a Welcome All Panther, brought his son all the way from Douglasville to compete in this league. Kyle watched his son play football for three years in Douglasville and affirmed that they have wonderful programs that teach the kids integrity, sportsmanship and comradery. He saw however, that the competition level in the MAYFL was is much higher.

#11, who goes by “Bo Bo,” is the quarterback of the 9U Welcome All Panthers and has the attitude of an NFL quarterback in the making. Before the snap count he is reading his defense, making adjustments and telling his wide receivers, running backs and linemen exactly what they need to do. Perfect handoffs, touch passes, speed and precision are his strong points and he will be a threat to the other teams in the MAYFL along with young running back #24 Daylan, a.k.a “Day Day.” Day Day celebrated a birthday yesterday by handing out presents in the forms of stiff arms, jukes, and power running to the defense. The referees in the MAYFL will raise their arms on many occasions this season as Day Day outruns the competition and scores. Drake, a powerful lineman for the Panthers, stated that he’s looking for his team to go all the way this year instead of to the semi-finals. We will see if his vision becomes reality.

The Welcome All Panthers are a part of a exceptional program with a winning tradition, a league with a lot of competition and the drive of champions. Football season has finally arrived and the Welcome All Panthers and the MAYFL are ready for action!


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