Duck Dynasty

By Tyrell Humphries

(Stockbridge, GA)   The Henry County Youth Football League has mounds of talent and the talent was put on display when the 8U Oregon Ducks took on the 8U Georgia Bulldogs. The temperature was over 90 degrees, the sun was shining, and the players came to play at J.P. Mosley Park in Stockbridge, Georgia on Saturday morning. The parents were standing up and the cheers poured in from the sidelines during the coin toss. Because of the crowd participation, the amount of focus on the players’ faces, and the seriousness displayed by the coaches, one would assume that this was bound to be an exciting game.

The action began and the defenses from both teams played amazing football. Coach Bear, the defensive coach for the Georgia Bulldogs, said that his strategy was to slow down the speed that the Oregon Ducks possessed on offense. He had many players trying to keep outside containment and it worked until #5, running back Jaydon Thomas, beat everyone to the sideline and raced down the field for a 50 yard touchdown. Jaydon has amazing speed. It is clear where his speed comes from because his mother, and team mom, Cinzia Thomas, ran stride for stride with him from the sidelines as she cheered him on. When the Ducks kicked off, the Bulldogs answered back with a 40 yard kickoff return. But the Ducks defense stood up and they kept the Bulldog offense out of the end zone. During the pre-game interview, coach Spin of the Oregon Ducks, stated that he had a secret weapon on the team and to look out for #72. Although #72, Coen Carr, was having an outstanding game on defense, his blazing speed was put on display when he was handed off the ball and left all defenders for a 70 yard touchdown.

With the score 12-0 in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs had to answer quickly in order to make a comeback. The Bulldog coaches dialed up a creative reverse play but fumbled in the backfield due to a disruptive Oregon defense. The Bulldogs made amazing runs and had some great stops on defense but they could not get on the scoreboard. With 4:50 left to play in the fourth quarter, Jaydon Thomas sealed the victory for the Oregon Ducks with another touchdown. After a successful extra point the Ducks won the game 19-0. Both teams had amazing talent and left everything on the field in this defensive game. Look out for both of these teams in the future.


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