By Tyrell Humphries

(Stockbridge, GA) J.P. Mosley Park in Stockbridge, Georgia was filled with children, parents, coaches, friends and family Saturday morning to watch the children of the talented Henry County Youth Football league face off. The temperature was hot, the sun was in the middle of the sky and the conditions were perfect for youth football. The Tar Heels came to take a victory but the Mighty Mite Falcons had a different idea.

Defense, defense and more defense was the theme of this game. Both the Tar Heels and the Falcons have two of the best defenses in the Henry County Youth Football League. Neither defense would let up, until the Tar Heels found an opening in the Falcons defense and got onto the scoreboard first.

Little did they know, it would also be the last time they crossed the goal line. After the first touchdown the Falcons defense turned into a steel curtain not allowing any more huge offensive plays but they were still down 6-0. That is until #22 Davin Miller found an opening and exploded for a 53 yard touchdown to tie the game 6-6.

Going into the 4th quarter the game was grid-locked, neither defense would let up with the score still tied 6-6. The Tar Heels did everything they could to try and put some points on the scoreboard but defensive lineman #90, Tyson Todd wouldn’t allow it to happen. Todd was a force on the line all day and disrupted everything that the Tar heels tried to accomplish. Brute strength was his advantage because it was obvious that he was one of the strongest players on the field. The time ticked away and Todd made sure that the Tar Heels stayed away from a touchdown, but the Falcons offense would have to do something quickly in order to gain the lead. With 2:33 remaining in the fourth quarter, that’s exactly what happened.

The referees raised their arms as the Mighty Mite Falcons celebrated in the end zone after scoring a touchdown and took the lead 12-6. The Tar Heels put together a beautiful drive to try and tie the game but they fell short as the Falcons flew away with the win. Both teams played very hard, they have amazing coaches, amazing players and involved parents which will lead to a wonderful season for them both. Henry County Youth Football is where champions are made. On Saturday morning the Mighty Mite Falcons played like champions and plan to be #1 when the season is over, congratulations.



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