Welcome All Blue Welcomes All Challengers

By: Tyrell Humphries @tyrell24

Welcome All Park is a program that has brought superstar names to football such as NFL star quarterback Cam Newton. The talent continues to pour into this park every year, but the 12U South Atlanta Seminoles cared nothing about that. Undefeated this year, the Seminoles won last weekend 27-0 and planned on making a statement in the Metro Atlanta Youth Football League (MAYFL) against top ranked Welcome All Blue. But Welcome All won 46-0 last weekend and planned on defending their home turf in College Park, Ga. with another amazing win. With the sun blazing at Old National Park, the anticipation was at an all-time high as Welcome All Blue kicked the ball off to the South Atlanta Seminoles. Someone had to be scored on today, and despite their clean records, someone had to win and someone had to loose.

The Seminole came out in a wing-T formation and tried to pound the ball against the Panthers but the Panther D-Line was entirely too tough. The Panthers disrupted everything in the backfield and forced the seminoles to punt. The Panthers pushed the pace with their offense.

After run number one they rushed back to the line to catch the Seminoles off guard with a no-huddle offense. Play after play the Panthers pounded the ball and their offensive line was producing major holes in the defense all the way to the end zone for the first score.The Panthers took off after the first score. The defense forced the Seminoles to punt again and quickly the score stretched to 14-0 after a 40 yard run by #21 Montleco Edwards, Jr. The next possession the Seminoles tried to get through the tough Panther defense but fumbled the ball and the Panthers recovered. #1, quarterback Deontrez Noland, led the Panthers down the field then threw a 10 yard touchdown pass to #4 Mikhail Vanreil to expand the lead to 21-0 before the end of the half.

At halftime Coach Reid of the Seminoles stated that his players need to play more disciplined, more aggressive, make tackles and planned on making the necessary

adjustments in order to get back in the game and walk away with a win. Coach Montgomery of the Panthersplanned on continuing their relentless offensive attack and not letting up on defense. As the second half started the first points were put on the board by and old connection, Noland to Vanreil for a beautiful 40 yard touchdown catch. The Panthers continued their defensive assault and forced the Seminoles to punt. The Panthers rushed the kicker and blocked the kick. #21 Edwards Jr. scooped up the ball and ran it in for another Panthers touchdown as they won the game 34-0.

Coach Montgomery has a very strong 12U Panthers team and he said to look for more “Goose Eggs” on the scoreboard for their opponents for the rest of the season because they aren’t letting anyone score. He also said that they are the team to watch and we will see as the season unfolds in the Metro Atlanta Youth Football league.


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