“Mighty Mite” Alabama vs. Falcons

By: Jennifer Coe | @gennexxt_jenni

(Locus Grove, GA) This Saturday at Warren Holder Park, the stage was set as two teams from the “Mighty Mite” Division went head-to-head for the 2nd time this season — Alabama vs. Falcons. In the first game of the season, the Falcons took on Alabama and came up sort of a victory, losing to Alabama, 12-41. Alabama remains undefeated 4-0 and the Falcons were on a mission to the tables and break Alabama’s winning streak once and for all. Let the rematch begin!

Alabama showed no mercy, as they ran circles around the Falcons’ defensive line, play after play. Setting the tone almost immediately, Alabama’s #22 Angelo Johnson cut to the outside and took the ball 47-yards for their 1st touchdown of the game; however, a flag was thrown on the play and offense was sent back to the line of scrimmage for another attempt. Alabama was quick to recover from this rejected play and sent #32 Macklin Sanders back into the end zone to make it count, running 13-yards for a touchdown. #8 Tremain Burns followed up with the 1-pt conversion, putting Alabama up, 7-0 in the 1st quarter. The Mighty Mite Falcons lined up as the receiving team for the kickoff return, but weren’t quick enough to get to the ball in time, allowing #12 Savion Logan to swoop in and retrieve the live ball, giving Alabama possession once again.

#21 Fenix Felton and #32 Macklin Sanders showed flawless efforts rushing the ball for 3 successful first downs and into the red zone after just a few plays in the 2nd quarter. #21 Fenix Felton went in 13-yards, for what would be Alabama’s 2nd touchdown, with the extra point made by #8 Tremain Burns.For a 2nd time, #12 Savion Logan pounced on the ball during the kickoff return and Alabama was back on offense. After a fumble recovery made by the Falcons, Alabama was sure to get the ball back to finish what they started and that’s just what they did in the very next play. #21 Fenix Felton was unstoppable, mowing through Falcons’ defense for the 53-yard touchdown and giving #8 Tremain Burns his 3rdopportunity to snag the extra point for a 21-0 lead.

#5 Colt Leddon took possession of the kickoff return and the Falcons now had the opportunity to recover and respond to Alabama’s triple touchdown lead.

#2 Andrew Reid#22 Davin Miller and #23 Vince Lanier were persistent and tenacious in their efforts to lead offense in battle to the end zone. #2 Andrew Reid made a 39-yard run to the 7-yard line, getting the Falcons their first appearance in the red zone. #22 Davin Miller followed up with a 6-yard run and the Falcons were 2nd and 1, within breathing distance of a touchdown. In the next attempt, the referee’s flag was thrown into the air and the Falcons were penalized for being off sides, bringing them back 7-yards from line. #8 Tremain Burns from Alabama responded in the next two offensive plays tackling #5 Colt Leddon and #22 Davin Miller, terminating the Falcons chance to score and put points on the board.

#21 Fenix Felton solidified the lead with a 27-yard touchdown in the 3rd, putting Alabama up another 6 points anddominating, 27-0. Subsequently, the Falcons defense refused to let Alabama through for the extra point, and #8 Tremain Burns’ last conversion attempt was unsuccessful. In the end, Coach Chad Sanders and Mighty Mite Alabama remain undefeated with a 5-game winning streak, taking home their 2nd win against the Falcons.



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