The Ultimate Rivalry

By: Tyrell Humphries

Football has always been a big deal in DeKalb County, Georgia. DeKalb County has produced many NFL players; Quincy Carter, Casey Coleman, Terance Mathis, Asher Allen, Ha’san Graham, Bruce Irvin, Kregg Lumpkin and Dwayne Harris to name a few. Talent is plentiful in the populated area and some parks and schools are just a few miles away from one another. When these close proximities occur, players get to know one another and rivalries are produced such as Gresham Park vs. Shoals Creek.

  The Gresham Park Rattlers are a storied program that has been around and have been winning for decades. When you hear recreation football in DeKalb County the first team mentioned is Gresham Park. But when there is a team on top there is someone always ready to take their place and that team is the Shoals Creek Bengals. The Bengals have been dominating the Georgia Extreme Youth Football League just like the Rattlers and they are on a collision corse that is about to crash head-on. This game is about more than two programs, more than history, more than just football…. This is about bragging rights! Only one team will get a chance to prove that they are the best team in DeKalb County this year, only one team can celebrate this victory when they go to school with players on the opposing team, only one team will have what it takes to win this game. The players and the coaches want this win more than any other game on the schedule not only because they are rivals, but because one team was disrespected.

Homecoming games were made to celebrate a team coming back to their home field after away games and are usually in the middle of the season. Homecoming games celebrate the program and the park. There are usually huge celebrations, cook-outs and many different activities going on, but most importantly there is almost always a blow-out win by the home team. Coaches choose a team that they are confident they can beat convincingly and that team is usually a program that looses a lot. Well, this season Coach Greg and The Shoals Creek Bengals chose to play the Gresham Park Rattlers on homecoming this year.

The Shoals Creek Bengals are making a statement that they are the best. Coach Greg, head coach of the Bengals, stated that they are after the so called “title” that the Rattlers were given before the season even started. Coach Pruitt, head coach of the Rattlers, said that teams are always after them so it’s nothing new. Coach Frank, the defensive coach for the Rattlers stated that this game was chosen because of the inexperience of the Shoals Creek coaching staff, the Rattlers are the best team in DeKalb county and will blow out the Bengals on their homecoming.

The rivalry is strong, football is in the air and the time for talking is over. It’s time for one team to step up and go home with a win. Every player on the field will give it everything they have to win this game, every coach will pull out several tricks to try and gain the edge, every parent will be screaming at the top of their lungs cheering for their team to win. On Saturday, October 5th it all goes down and Generation Nexxt will be there to bring never before seen coverage to these programs.


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