It’s Raining! It’s Pouring! Bring On The Scoring

By: Alexis Aarons

(Atlanta, GA) – It was a showdown of two undefeated teams within the Henry County Youth Football League (HCYFL). The sky was gloomy, but the hopes were high for both the Miami Hurricanes and Georgia Tech teams within the Colts division. Going into the 10:00 a.m. game at J. P. Mosley Park the Hurricanes had yet to be scored on this season and Tech planned to change that.

Within the first quarter it was clear to see that these teams were pretty evenly matched, but it was the Georgia Tech offense who ignited first. Michael Robinson #33 started them off with a successful first down carry.  After a false start penalty came a break out run for a touchdown by Tech’s star #9 Matthew Faulkner. The extra point was good and the Hurricanes record of not being scored upon became a thing of the past.

The Miami Hurricanes offense answered right back with a touchdown of their own thanks to star WR #6 Jalen Earvin.  Without the extra point, the ‘Canes were still down, but after a quick three and out by Tech, the Hurricanes were back in control. Hand off to #1 Tyler Bell for a touchdown as the second quarter comes to a close. Solid extra point.

Halftime score: Miami Hurricanes 13, Georgia Tech 7.

Chants of “beast mode” echo from the sidelines after being started by Georgia Tech Head Coach, Coach Dustin as the second half is ushered in. Hurricanes waste no time scoring a touchdown in the third quarter, but Georgia Tech’s defense holds strong preventing the extra point.

Georgia Tech fumbles, but manages to get the ball back.  On the next play the ball is run up the middle for a gain of 5yards and a first down.  The crowd ignites!  As the rain starts to fall this is a crucial time for Tech to score.  Sure enough they do! Touchdown by #9 Matthew Faulkner of Georgia Tech. No extra point. With a little over two minutes left in the third quarter, the score is now Hurricanes 19, Georgia Tech 13.

Both teams step it up on defense not allowing either offense to score on their next several sets of drives. As the rain falls harder, the Hurricanes #6 Jalen Earvin is able to break away on a carry for a touchdown and manage to bust through the Tech defense for the extra point late in the fourth quarter.

Final score: Miami Hurricanes 26, Georgia Tech 13


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